Dec 202012

Dozens of metal bands have been releasing new music this week as if the world were going to end tomorrow.

What’s that?  You say the world IS going to end tomorrow?  I think you’ve got your facts wrong.  Darkthrone, Devourment, and Lightning Swords of Death are planning to release new albums AFTER tomorrow, and if the world were going to end, surely they would know, because they’re all capable of bringing the world to a fitting end if they so desired. So I’m not buying it.

In addition to giving you some details about those forthcoming albums, I’ve collected in this post some new musical sounds from the last two of these bands. So, continue reading (and listening) as you breathe sighs of relief.


As we previously reported, this iconic and musically ever-moving Norwegian duo have completed work on their new album The Underground Resistance, and it’s now set for release via Peaceville Records on February 25. This morning I was blessed to receive the eye-catching cover art for the album created by Jim Fitzpatrick, which you can gaze upon above. In addition, the press release I received provided this teaser of a description about the music:

“A continuation of the free-spirited metallic lands the duo of Fenriz & Nocturno Culto have been roaming for a long time, The Underground Resistance contains Darkthrone’s trademark masterful riffing in a broad range of styles, effortlessly bounding through the annals of classic metal, taking in thrash, speed & black metal, & not forgetting a dose of Punk. All in all a ferocious & dynamic set of tracks drenched in Fenriz’s & Nocturno’s rich & diverse tastes in all things metal, primarily those rooted firmly in the spirit of the 80’s. 6 tracks long, & every one an epic in itself, this is undoubtedly Darkthrone’s strongest outing of late.”

And there was this further tidbit as well from Fenriz: “3 songs each, Ted’s are flown from the universe of metal with his strongest voice ever so far. Songs of mine are torn from the wombs of the riders of rohan of metal; safely cradled in 1985 style”.

I’ve previously confessed how very interested I am to hear what these two have concocted since their last release in 2010. They march solely to the beat of their own drummers, with no interest in trends. Their recent movements have been counter to the direction of time’s arrow. Should be a shitload of fun to see where they’ve landed.


These Texas-based grand-daddies of slam have recorded their new album as well. Entitled Conceived In Sewage, it’s scheduled for release by Relapse on February 19 in North America (and somewhat later dates in the rest of the world). Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal) handled the recording, and of course he knows a thing or two about the fine arts of sonic disembowelment.

The noxious album art was created by Toshihiro Egawa (Cryptopsy, Defeated Sanity). It’s suitably noxious.

To date, two teaser clips have been released to get your guts rumbling and your gorge rising. I’m already salivating, though that could be the kind of saliva that immediately precedes a big satisfying spew of vomit.

DEVOURMENT – New Album Teaser by RelapseRecords



This SoCal band have been growing on me, somewhat like flesh-eating bacteria. I saw them perform live about four years ago before I’d heard any or their recorded music, and did not immediately fall in love. Since then I’ve listened to The Extra Dimensional Wound (2010) and thought it was cool, and by “cool” I mean it flayed skin and left me bleeding.

Metal Blade has now revealed that the band’s next album, entitled Baphometic Chaosium, will be released on January 22 in the U.S. The cover art, which you can see above, is excellent. I haven’t yet discovered who created it.

In addition to unveiling the album art and release details, Metal Blade have established a “landing page” with pre-order info at this location. In addition, they’ve made the title track available for streaming and free download via the SoundCloud player you can find here.

Whatever people mean by “USBM” (and I really don’t think it has any certain meaning), “Baphometic Chaosium” isn’t USBM. It pays homage to the Norwegian school, and cross-genre breeding and evolution be damned. The warbling melody of the intro is immediately infectious and so is the rising tremolo melody that comes later. Black ‘n’ roll rhythms mix with vicious blasting, and the rancid vocals spew blasphemies in acidic streams. The song is a very promising sign of what the new album holds in store.

So, have a listen. The world WILL end. But not tomorrow.



  1. That LSOD album art is veeeeeery nice.

    Also, I do love the irony of Darkthrone’s modus operandi…

    “drenched in Fenriz’s & Nocturno’s rich & diverse tastes in all things metal… as long as it’s solely from the 80s”

  2. This article has taken a good portion of my wants. A GOOD PORTION OF MY WANTS.

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