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(Yesterday, TheMadIsraeli began what turned out to be a glowing review of a new album by a Japanese metal band named Shatter Silence with his opinion that, generally, “Japan’s metal scene sucks”. Here follows a response by our Japan-based contributor Phro, whose own blog is here.)

So, apparently if TheMadIsraeli doesn’t know anything about your scene, it sucks. While we probably shouldn’t spend too much time kowtowing to the whims of Internet badasses, here’s a list of some Japanese metal bands I found after 15 minutes on Google. Gee, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

(Obviously, this is hardly a complete list, nor is it in any way representative of the entirety of the Japanese metal scene. And it largely reflects my personal taste, though I’ve included some bands that I know are popular, even if I’m not necessarily a fan.)






Bathtub Shitter


Birth Asphyxia


Butcher ABC



Dark Insanity




Dir en grey


Double Dealer


Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation







Gore Beyond Necropsy


Gotsu Totsu Kotsu



Infernal Revulsion


Intesine Baalism



Noise a Go Go


Rest In Gore


Satanic Heritage


Sex Machineguns




Unholy Grave


Vomit Remnants


Yousei Teikoku

Zombie Ritual



  1. love some of the bands you listed!!!!! great stuff 🙂


    Also, a few others.

    Undead Corporation
    Blood Stain Child – Idolator is an amazing piece of melo-death.
    Desacravity (Austin Weber covered them in his list)
    GxSxD (God Send Death)
    Yellow Machinegun

    and there was one that I can’t remember for the life of me, it’s three Japanese dudes and an American guy who did the vocals and then would fly to the country to tour. It was brutal death metal and their name has floated me completely.


  4. Volcano is also good:

    and Sabbat rules them all (except Coffins, who may be my favorite Japanese band):

  5. While I’m rambling, Dum Spiro Spero is such a fucking heavy disc for Dir En Grey. Literally did not expect it from looking at the cover art. I thought they were going back to an earlier sound. Then I heard shit like Decayed Crow (the video I linked is live, holy shit), Different Sense and Amon.

  6. Also the mighty BORIS! And a couple others- Church of Misery (love them) and Defiled (brutal death metal)

    • Is Boris metal? I thought they were a noise rock band. (I clearly am unfamiliar with them.

      I know I looked up Defiled, but I must have forgotten to include them on the list.

      I just looked up Church of Misery. FUCK YES.

      • Boris is kind of a whatever-the-fuck-they-want band. They started as drone and sometimes they drift into doom/sludge metal. Glad you liked Church of Misery!

  7. Gonin-Ish is another. Insane jazz metal with a killer female vocalist:

    And there’s always Seikima-II (aka Seikimatsu) if you like traditional metal and don’t mind a little cheese sprinkled on top. Demon Kogure is definitely up there with Halford and Dickinson as a vocalist:

  8. Fuck YES! Love Japan and all the crazy bands, some you may all enjoy:

    State Craft

  9. I would just like to bow my head in respect to all you motherfuckers in the comments above me (as well as Phro). There’s a shitload of metal knowledge floating around this site. Humbling to see it.

  10. You should also check out Genocide from Japan. Totally old school heavy metal that makes a few nods to Mercyful Fate. Also some sick fucking Samurai artwork.

  11. No Ritual Carnage?(

    …Im afraid I cannot give this list my stamp of approval

  12. Coffins is great, and so is Sigh. I loved Sigh’s new album, it’s one of my personal favorites from the past year. Vomit Remnants is awesome, but I can’t find their compilation on eBay, and if I did, it’d be really high in price. I remember you telling me about that G.I.S.M. track from a while ago, and it was great, I think I’m gonna look more into that band.

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