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(Here’s the second part of TheMadIsraeli’s multi-part rollout of his list of 2012′s best metal. Sample songs are at the end of the post. And you can find the first 5 albums on his list here. Despite the numbering, the albums are presented in no particular order.)

Alright, here is the tonnage of br00tz edition of my top 20 of 2012.  This might seem short compared to the previous part of this list, but really, death metal is either really fucking brutal, technical, and memorable all at the same time, hence making it good, or it’s not, am I not right?  Let’s get this underway eh?

6: CryptopsyS/T

Not only did Cryptopsy manage to prove that the Cryptopsy name still had life left in it, but Jon Lavessuer also came back and helped the band write one of their best since None So Vile.  It’s a mangled, twisted, bloody stump that beats your skull in mercilessly from second one onward.  Definitely an undeniable win.

7: Spawn Of PossessionIncurso

I wish I had words for this album, but I don’t.  Pure undiluted rabies with a PHD in Neuroscience.

8: Cattle DecapitationMonolith Of Inhumanity

Once again, no words.  The insane amount of accolades this album has received is 100% warranted.  Definitely a game changer for the band, and for the genre as a whole.

9: DevolvedReprisal

This album is so… cold, soulless, machine-precise, and absolutely devastating from start to finish.  Devolved have always been a beloved band for me, but this new less industrial, less purely mechanical brutality angle is working in their favor in a way I never anticipated.  In my mind, Reprisal is essentially this year’s Carnival Is Forever.

10: Cannibal CorpseTorture

I’d like to know when Cannibal Corpse are going to get off of this roll they’re on.  First The Wretched Spawn, then Kill, then Evisceration Plague, and now this?  I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with this band than I am right now.  Back before Kill came out, I never thought I’d again be saying I’m looking forward to a Cannibal Corpse album.

Next up?  We’ll call it the ol’ reliables part of the list.  The shit that you just kinda knew was gonna rule based solely on who the band was.





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  1. The Cattle Decapitation is amazing. It’s crushing and forward-thinking at the same time. Crushing in a deathgrind/brutal death metal sort of way, and those genres don’t really get “forward-thinking” in them… at all.

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