Jan 102013

One of our first album reviews of 2013 was Andy Synn’s recent complimentary write-up on the new work by Enshadowed, Magic Chaos Psychedelia. With Enshadowed on my mind, I discovered by coincidence that they appeared on a recent split with another Greek band, Burial Hordes (whose discography is listed here). The split was released last October as a vinyl 7″ and on tape by a Greek label named Razorbleed Productions, though they’ve apparently sold out of the tape. Copies of the tapes still seem to be available through NoiseGoat Productions and versions of the 7″ can still be found here.

What caught my attention is that today Razorbleed uploaded both tracks from the split to YouTube. After listening to them, I tracked down the artwork for the split, and my eyes got really big when I found it. As you can see above, the cover kills.

The music kills, too.  I wish that the tracks could be made available digitally. Maybe if we all whine and beg loudly it will happen.


Enshadowed’s track is “The Call”, a song that hasn’t appeared elsewhere. It includes a guest appearance on drums by Fotis Benardo of Septic Flesh, who makes his presence known from the first blasting, howling moments of the song. The music slows and accelerates, back and forth, the guitars alternately chiming and scything as Benardo and the bassist switch the rhythms and the tempo.

Enshadowed demonstrate once again the melding of black metal and death metal elements that Andy highlighted in his review of the album and the combining of both the melodic and the caustic.



The Burial Hordes song on the split is named “Necromantic”. Burial Hordes shares one member with Enshadowed — guitarist N.e.c.r.o., and “Necromantic” also changes speed, back and forth, as it unfolds. The ripping sections deliver black thrashing hell, and I really enjoyed the blend of vocal styles, both pure acid on the high end and massed roars on the low.


Two songs from two talented bands that I would like to have in my personal collection. I understand the underground tradition of releasing things like this on limited editions of vinyl and tape . . . but selfish brat that I am, I appeal to the bands and the label: now would be a good time to set up shop on a place like Bandcamp and start selling some digital!

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