Jan 142013

As reported in my last post, I’m still droning away at my day job.  But I decided to take another quick break, and lo and behold, look what I found!  Another new song from Suffocation’s next album, Pinnacle of Bedlam, which is due for release by Nuclear Blast on Feb 15 in Europe and Feb 19 in North America.

The new song is called “Cycles of Suffering”, and you can hear it below. It’s a techy flurry of knife-edged riffs and battering drums, with a very cool guitar solo. And Frank the Tank sounds . . . brutal.

To hear the first track released from the album (“As Grace Descends”), go to this page, where the song can also be downloaded.


  1. this new song reminds me of decrepit birth for some reason.
    still, kick ass song.

  2. Sounds good overall..digging the bass tone!!

  3. This album shall be mine!!!! Feb.19 needs to arrive fast!!!

  4. I’m sure glad this is a way better song than grace descends. Was worried for a sec.

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