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The next edition of the fantabulous Bloodstock Open Air festival will take place on August 8-11, 2013, at Catton Park in Derbyshire, UK. Bloodstock is running a Metal 2 the Masses competition for unsigned bands, with the winner being selected to play the New Blood stage at the festival. The competition is open to bands from all over the world, though to enter you have to upload a film of your band playing an original song live. The winner will be decided by fan votes.

As you should know by now, NCS writer Andy Synn is the frontman for a UK metal band named Bloodguard — and Bloodguard has entered the Metal 2 the Masses competition. And they need your damned votes to win this thing and get the chance to play live at the Bloodstock festival!

To enter the competition, Andy and his comrades have uploaded a live video of themselves performing the original Bloodguard song “Singularity” live at the Vic Inn — and you can watch it at the end of this post, or at the Metal 2 the Masses site.

Hey, if you don’t help out a friend when you can, then what kind of friend are you?  Now’s the time to do a good deed for Andy in return for all the tens of thousands of words he has written, free of charge and without any fucken pay, for your entertainment and edification.

Here’s how to cast your vote:

1.  Go to this page:  http://www.bloodstock.uk.com/pages/hobgoblin

2.  On the right side of the page where it says “Click Here To Start Voting”, uh, click there.

3.  Look for Bloodguard (the order in which bands appear rotates, so you’ll have to scroll through the list using the arrows at the bottom of the page)

4.  Click the box above Bloodguard that Says “Vote”

5.  You’ll then be asked to register at the site of the brewery that’s sponsoring Metal 2 the Masses, which will require you to give a name, e-mail, password, and other info.

6.  Vote for Bloodguard!

7.  Remember your login info, because you can go back there once a day, every day, until the competition ends and cast MORE FUCKIN VOTES FOR BLOODGUARD!

Yes, I know it’s a pain in the ass to have to register at some site you don’t care about in order to vote, and it takes a few annoying minutes to wind your way through this whole process, but it’s still not much effort compared to the good it could do for Andy and his band. And it’s a lot easier to vote the second, third, and fourth times.  🙂

So go do it.  Here’s that Bloodguard video.  And after that, as an extra thank-you for helping, I have a video of deep-sea squids mating.


Description from YouTube: “A pair of mating Pholidoteuthis adami observed by ROV Little Hercules on April 13 2012 at a depth of 1400 m and at 28.65 N, 088.46 W during an expedition by NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The male is upside down, and backwards on top of the female and the terminal organ is extending from his funnel, presumably releasing spermatophores, from which spermatangia burrow into the dorsal mantle tissue of the female. Video courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.”


  1. ohh yeah baby, burrow into my dorsal mantle tissue~

  2. Awww, I’m touched you guys, I truly am.

  3. Ummm, I think I accidentally voted for the squids…

  4. Thank you to anyone who has shown us any support. The song above is going to be included on our SECOND album, for which we have around 7 songs already written, and which we’re going to get to work recording as soon as the FIRST record is released.

    We’ve been waiting long enough, and the renewed creative juices are flowing at the moment, so we plan to be pretty prolific with the writing and recording of new material.

    Also, FYI, the lyrics to ‘Singularity’ were inspired by the short story “Understanding Space and Time” by Alastair Reynolds, if any of you have read that one.

  5. Done

    • Thank you kindly sir.

      I don’t feel quite as bad about being in the competition as some of our members actually DO drink Hobgoblin too.

  6. damn! that hobgoblin site is fun

  7. As I was scrolling through the obnoxiously formatted list of bands I saw that Karybdis had joined this contest as well. I was half tempted to vote for them, but I continued the search for Bloodguard. And then a crumpled piece of parchment appeared to inform me that I have already voted today… gonna blame this on some sort of time zone issue as I voted about 18 hours ago, guess I’ll try later tonight.

    Also, it seems like many of the bands have uploaded music videos, not live performances. Hell, Karybdis doesn’t even have a video, it’s just a picture of their album cover and music. After looking through some of the other entries I only found a couple that were actual live performances other than Bloodguard’s. I feel like there should be some disqualifications happening here…

    • Iiiiiiinteresting… you know, observant as I am (obviously) I had completely missed the difference where some had posted music videos, some had posted live ones!

      Thank you for your vote however. When the New World Order comes you shall be rewarded for your loyalty.

  8. So..if I vote for Andy because the other bands arent really impressing me..that still counts right? 🙂

  9. When I came in to work today, I told myself, “Self, I wanna see a pair of squids 69ing today.”

    Thanks to NCS, my wish came true!

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