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We’re essentially finished with our 2012 Listmania series. That series has included more than 30 lists of last year’s best metal, and collectively they form a nice shopping menu for people still interested in catching up on what they missed. We’ll have a big Listmania wrap-up post tomorrow, with some statistical analysis by a guest who has combined and ranked everything on the lists we’ve posted.

But we’re now well into the new year’s first month and it’s time to start looking ahead. We’ve already reviewed several albums due for release in the near future and featured advance music from many others, but so much more is coming.

What I’ve got below is a list of bands who have new albums or EPs due in 2013 that I’m particularly interested in hearing. (And by the way, this list doesn’t include some forthcoming 2013 releases that I’ve already heard, e.g., Rotting Christ, Koldbrann, Omnium Gatherum, Byzantine, Hate, Kongh, and Oblivion — they are all most certainly worth watching for.)

But I’m sure I’ve overlooked a lot more. So I invite you to take a look at this list and then supplement it in the comments. Please tell us which albums are on your own “highly anticipated” list for 2013.

Here’s my list, based on what I’ve seen so far. I guess this will be the year when I finally have to learn to make do without sleep.

Abigail Williams

Agoraphobic Nosebleed


Altar of Plagues

The Amenta

Amon Amarth




Ares Kingdom



The Atlas Moth


Black Dahlia Murder




Cnoc Un Tursa


Cult of Luna


Dark Tranquillity


Deeds of Flesh

Defeated Sanity

Destroyer 666



The Dillinger Escape Plan



Fractal Gates


God of Atheists



Graveyard (Spain)



Imperium Dekadenz


Inter Arma




Killswitch Engage


Lecherous Nocturne

Lightning Swords of Death

Limbonic Art

Lord Dying


The Monolith Deathcult






Rivers of Nihil

Scale the Summit


Shining (Nor.)

Skeletal Spectre







Terra Tenebrosa










  67 Responses to “ALBUMS TO ANTICIPATE IN 2013”

  1. Black Mass – “The Second Coming (Early 2013)

    Ger ready

  2. New Defeated Sanity and Guttural Secrete

  3. Neaera, Funeral for a Friend, The History of Colour TV, Sarah Brightman!

  4. I heard Watain are planning to release a new album this year. If that’s true, this list isn’t complete without them.

  5. Just wondering – Gojira is on that list. Surely they don’t have another due out yet?

    For me, I’dd add:

    In Dread Response (NZ thrash/doom band)
    Synthetic Breed
    Uneven Structure

  6. Mitochondrion and Imperium Dekadenz? Awesome. Also excited for:

    Voices (former Akercocke members) and Manegarm. And probably more I’m forgetting.

  7. Top Favorites that never seem to leave my play lists..

    Peste Noire
    Imperium Dekadenz
    Cosmic Church (full length)
    The Strokes ( ya i said it)

  8. Hail of Bullets (though between this Asphyx and GSBC..this needs to be a hell of an album..otherwise MVD needs to take a couple years off)
    Nocturnal Graves
    Grave Miasma

    • Inquisition!! Grave Miasma should be a good one too.

    • Couple of others I missed:

      Void Meditation Cult
      Drowned (possible)

      ..and you forgot Cerekloth and Graveyard

    • Well fuck, I didn’t know about any of these except Swallowed, which i forgot. I guess that means I owe you 9 cookies. I’ll make it an even dozen if you can come up with three more. 🙂

    • Forget my list comment — you already added more while I was typing. And I’m going to edit my list to add Cerekloth and Graveyard because omitting those was just pure blind stupidity since I wrote about both so recently.

      But new Pseudogod?!?! On the heels of last year’s album? Don’t mind if I do.

    • I really hope Swallowed comes out this year! It’s been a long wait.

      Grave Miasma, Inquisition, Krypts, Antediluvian and Doombringer – what a great year it will be. I’ll have to check out Sacriphyx and Nocturnal Graves too (they sound familiar, but I can’t quite place them now).

      • Ive been waiting on Krypts, Swallowed and Stench Of Decay for what seems like forever…Krypts should be out in the next few weeks..Dark Descent is just about (or might already be) taking pre-orders on it.

        I did a post on here, early last year I think, that talked about Sacriphyx (along with a couple other bands). Very Greek influenced black/death band from Australia…good stuff, been anticipating this one for a while

  9. I’ll believe the Gorguts album is coming out in 2013 when I actually have it.

  10. Haven’t heard any dates, but i know Arcturus is planning a new one.Tsjuder have started writing new stuff, Twilight of the Gods have an album on the way,

    • Man, all 3 of those would have been on this list had I known — and I think I actually did see a story about Arcturus planning a 2013 release.

      • Yeah that whole Arcturus/Borkis gang have been busy lately. Asgeir Mickelson of Borknagar/God of Atheists also mentioned on his FB that he is writing new stuff for Spiral architect, and just finished recording drums for the new Sarke album. They also have a band called Artisan, but i dont know if they plan on going anywhere with that, or if it was just some fun : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvQhNEsaHC0

        Twilight of the gods may be one of the most anticipated for me. Alan Averill doing Heavy Metal inspired by early Manowar and such? This can’t end up anything but great.

        Oh and very much looking forward to Hatriots debut album. I love me some Zetro!

  11. Don’t forget the new Voivod (with Dan Mongrain from Martyr as their guitarist)!

  12. Vintersorg, Benea Reach, Living Sacrifice, Dark Funeral.

  13. Albums I haven’t seen mentioned in the thread yet that I’m looking forward to (some of these may have been released on vinyl or seen limited release in 2012, but I think are scheduled for full/CD releases in 2013):

    Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Necrovision
    Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum
    Sulphur Aeon – Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide
    Necrowretch – Putrid Death Sorcery
    Tribulation – The Formulas of Death
    Nightbringer / Dodsengel split
    Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
    Age of Taurus – Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
    Paragon Belial – Necrophobic Rituals
    Black Pyramid – Adversarial (cautiously optimistic)
    Cathedral – The Last Spire
    Lord Vicar – Gates of Flesh (hope it comes out this year)

    also hoping that Diocletian, Innsmouth (australia), Howling, and Briton Rites have new ones this year.

  14. Azure Emote: You forgot about them.

    Benea Reach: You forgot about them. But, Andy Synn reminded you.
    God of Atheists: There’s seriously a band with that name? One shall be checking it out if only for the name. 😀
    Gojira: They released an album and a live DVD last year. What could they possibly have for next year? There is the Sea Sheperd EP. But are the really going to release it?
    Gorguts: One had forgotten about this. It’s saddening that it didn’t see release before the end of 2012.
    Hacride: It would’ve been nice to see a release last year. It would’ve gone together nicely with Eryn Non Dae.’s and Gojira’s. But, all three will sound even more awesome when Benea Reach’s new album comes. 😀
    Mitochondrion: A new Mitochondrion album?… The dread. (OAO)
    Vildhjarta & Uneven Structure: Another year with albums by both of them. Why?! Why must One go through this again? It’s too much for a single year!
    Voivod: Someone has already talked about it. The album stream is up somewhere by the way.
    Shining (Nor): It was a real ordeal for One to see Shining (Swe) album popping up everywhere last year, and then finding out that it’s not the same Shining.
    Ulcerate: New Ulcerate?! The conflicting feelings of dread and excitement. (OwO) (OAO) (OwO) (OAO) …

    • Here‘s the stream for Voivod‘s Target Earth (on Loudwire), for those interested and not in the know.

    • As noted above, my mention of Gojira was based on the Sea Shepherd EP. I don’t actually know for sure whether it will be released this year, but I would be surprised if they just shelved the whole idea. It was fully recorded at one point, and then a hard drive with the some of the files crashed, if memory serves. If it hasn’t been fully recorded by now, there will obviously be a delay in finishing it because of Gojira’s 2013 tour commitments. But I’m still betting we see it this year.

      • I recall Gojira saying last year that they were scrapping the release due to the loss of critical files. But that was something said in passing, so plans may well have changed.

  15. I didn’t know about some of these, nice list 🙂 February’s going to be insane; the new Agrypnie AND Omnium Gatherum being released on the same day and all. It’s gonna be a sad day (and probably again a sad year) for my bank account.


  17. This year’s going to be off the hook, you’ve covered everything I want t listen to + more. Great.

  18. Well, there’s the obvious ones (AMON AMARTH, DARKTHRONE, FINNTROLL, HYPOCRISY, LIMBONIC ART, PESTILENCE, SUFFOCATION, VADER), the ones I’ve already listened to (ENSHADOWED, KOLDBRANN, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, NIGHTWISH, SAILLE, SORCERY), and then there are those I’m really, really looking forward to, and on top of that list are my fellow countrymen SUMMONING. “Minas Morgul” is still one of my favorite albums of all time (and probably forever will be) and everything else they produced isn’t too shabby either, so I just can’t wait to finally lay ears upon their newest concoction of metallic grimness. Always excited about new BELPHEGOR material obviously and SCARAB’s “Serpents of the Nile” should be pretty awesome as well.

  19. As usual, I have to bring the best:

    MANILLA ROAD – Mysterium, set for a Feb. 1st release date. SOON.

  20. My most anticipated albums list include:

    – Omnium Gatherum
    – Nightingale
    – Tormented
    – Canopy
    – Summoning
    – Tribulation
    – October Tide
    – Revel In Flesh
    – Facebreaker
    – Vreid
    – Portal
    – Rotting Christ
    – Cor Scorpii
    – Finntroll
    – Godflesh
    – Ulcerate
    – ReVamp
    – Virgin Black
    – Krypts
    – Corpsessed
    – Mitochondrion
    – Eternal Tears of Sorrow

  21. Is there anything I should be looking out for in the tail end of this year? I’m wondering if there’s any list-breakers due.

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