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Fernando Falcone: “Antiguos cuentos de Brujas, 05. Edhasa” (2015)


I’ve mentioned more than once that we have very few plans here. Or at least I have very few plans. I live from day to day, wondering what fusillades from our writers will appear in my in-box, and remaining just as clueless about what will light the spark under the kindling stacked in my own mind. But this post was kindled in an especially unusual way.

In January 2013 I posted an extensive list of albums we were eagerly anticipating would be released over the early months of that year. Yesterday, almost 4 years later, Gaia left a comment that asked this question: “Is there anything I should be looking out for in the tail end of this year? I’m wondering if there’s any list-breakers due.

Yes, it’s my burden as this site’s editor, to be notified of every comment, on every post, no matter when the posts were made, no matter how close we are to a thermocnuclear holocaust or unfortunate delays in the picking up of our garbage bins.

At first I thought, man, Gaia is really far behind, like a snail bringing up the rear of the Bataan death march; all the other people are dead, and he’s just now coming home. And then I thought, man, it’s our own damned fault for not giving people any logical place where they could engage in a conversation about what’s left to be released THIS YEAR. Or maybe Gaia just discovered LSD.


Either way, it does strike me that Gaia’s question is a very good one. Because you know that somewhere over the next 30 days, if history is of any predictive value, someone of prominence will post the first year-end list (usually DECIBEL). And that will trigger the launch of our own year-end LISTMANIA series.

Meanwhile, a nearly full two months will be left in the year, almost 17% of the arbitrary calendar by which we organize our lives. And those two months will be loaded with new releases.

So here’s a re-framing of Gaia’s question:  What releases are coming before December 31. 2017, that show signs of up-ending your year-end lists?


To be clear, I’m not asking you for the releases that you are merely interested in hearing. I’m asking for the ones that you genuinely believe — based on the band’s past releases or maybe an advance track that’s already surfaced — could be one of your favorite albums of the year.

Rest assured, we all know there’s a big element of guesswork here — because whatever you have in mind, by definition very few people have heard it yet. So don’t be bashful — tell us what has you’re psyched to experience between now and New Year’s Eve.


What would I list? Here are 21 potentially earth-moving releases, from among those I’ve either sampled so far or heard about or heard in full:

Aetherian: The Untamed Wilderness
All Pigs Must Die: Hostage Animal
Almyrkvi: Umbra
Aosoth: V: The Inside Scriptures
Auðn: Farvegir fyrndar
Barrowlands; Tyndir
Blut Aus Nord: Deus Salutis Meæ
Code: Under the Subgleam
Cannibal Corpse: Red Before Black
ColdCell: Those
Desolate Shrine: Deliverance From the Godless Void
Daeva: Pulsing Dark Absorptions
Devangelic: Phlegethon
Hanging Garden: I Am Become
Impureza: La caída de Tonatiuh
Jupiterian: Terraforming
Malokarpatan: Nordkarpatenland
Nekrasov: The Mirror Void
Taake: Kong Vinter
Throane: Plus Une Main A Mordre
Under the Church: Supernatural Punishment
Witchery: I Am Legion

What am I forgetting?

P.S. Guess what just popped up this morning after I made this post, which I didn’t know was coming, and which seems relevant here? This did:


  26 Responses to “LIST-BREAKERS”

  1. new Aosoth and Desolate Shrine are both gonna be massive

  2. Great list (and +++ to Aosoth and Desolate Shrine). Other stuff I’m ‘anticipating’:

    The Negative Bias

  3. New album from Blaze Of Perdition is gonna be a good one to keep an eye for 😉

  4. Iperyt – The Patchwork Gehinnom
    Corpse Garden – IAO 269


  5. Also new album from THAW.

  6. Chaos Moon

  7. Hah cool, thanks for the shoutout. One thing I’ve been interested in, is a ‘Where are they now?’ type thing. Pick a random day from a year gone by, and take a look at what those reported bands are doing nowadays. There’s so much new I forget the old I liked.

    And for the record, I might be slow because I’m on LSD.

    Here’s my contribution:

    Electric Wizard
    Year of the Cobra

  8. MIDNIGHT!!!!!

  9. Thaw – Grains

  10. New Aosoth? Ah shit. I didn’t get the memo.
    First, before I contribute some “list breakers”, check out the new album from Swedish black metallers, Kadaverdisciplin. Really digging that shit. Also, the new album from Trollech.
    Albums Still to Come:
    Ne Obliviscaris
    Forgotten Tomb
    Complete Failure
    Scour (which, so far, is much better than their debut EP, IMO)
    Morbid Angel (w/ Steve Tucker)

  11. Mastodon, Portal, Wheelfall, Emptiness, Blut Aus Nord, Morbid Angel, Chaos Echoes, THAW for me!
    (Also… Fever Ray, but there’s a lot of clean singing here and not enough metal to be feature here :D)

  12. The 2 that come to mind right off the top of my head are Norilsk and Nortt. I knew nothing about Nortt prior to the announcement of his latest album “Endeligt.” So I checked out “Galgenfrist”and became a fan pretty much instantly. It won’t be released until December 29, so it might as well be a 2018 release .

  13. The Clearing Path – Watershed Between Firmament and the Realm of Hyperborea

  14. The King Is Blind record that just came out broke onto my list.
    As for the rest of the year all mine have been mentioned.
    Morbid Angel
    I’m sure I’ll run across a few others as the weeks go on.
    My current list is huge already and has been growing since the beginning of the year like crazy.
    Such a great year for metal!

  15. The track currently available for streaming on Bandcamp from Ovnev’s forthcoming “Incalescence” sounds very promising and it seems like it’s going to be a cool concept album.

  16. Fleurety – The White Death
    Katla – Móðurástin
    (they are both around already, both good)

    …and of course Converge

    Preying for Sculptured. Any news about them?

  17. Check also Kardashev -The Almanac [EP]. Already released.

  18. I’m waiting for the Devilgroth album – Ivan Grozny. Waiting with increasing impatience! the two tracks I heard are great, and if the full thing is anything like Landschaft it;s going to be a top-10 shoe-in.

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