Feb 072013

Here are a duo of new videos I spied yesterday and this morning that I thought were worth sharing. They stood out because the visuals enhanced the music and were actually very entertaining to watch, which I honestly can’t say about most metal videos.


I discovered Blue Stahli thanks to an interview with him that DGR did for us last year. I’ve been following his social media and music releases since then, and it’s obvious that he’s a clever, creative, slightly unhinged dude, and I like his style, even though the kind of music he makes isn’t my usual kind of thing.

This morning, Bloody Disgusting premiered a music video for the song “ULTRAnumb”, which comes from Blue Stahli’s 2011 self-titled album, which you can acquire here. The song is a catchy piece of work with an industrial beat and harsh vox that remind me of Devin Townsend’s, plus clean crooning that doesn’t make me run for the exits. And the video . . . the video is a complete head trip, most of it funny as hell, and ultimately full of gore, too.

At Bloody Disgusting, Blue Stahli is quoted about the video as follows (and it’s a pretty good summing up): “Prepare your body for an onslaught of the senses featuring suburban summoning circles, gallons of blood, slick choreography, strange sexy creatures, bizarro interludes, inappropriate use of picnic supplies, and MUCH more that made this video ‘too graphic’ (whatever that means) for MTV. It’s probably best to just surrender yourself to the ridiculousness.”




DGR also reviewed Carach Angren’s 2012 album for us here. Where the Corpses Sink Forever was thematically set in the two World Wars, and each song was a narrative in which someone died. As an example, DGR summarized the events described in “The Funerary Dirge Of A Violinist”, much of which occurs on a World War II battlefield. Yesterday, the band premiered a music video for that same song.

Since the song itself unfolds in narrative fashion, it’s fitting that the video does, too. It brings to life what the song describes, with the added touch of having the events come to ghostly life as a young modern-day couple discover and read the violinist’s diary, unearthed from the battlefield many decades later. The video is really well-done — a significant cut above your usual metal video, and one that benefits from a lot of professional talent.

The music is a form of highly theatrical symphonic black metal, and is a fascinating listen all by itself. But when paired with the video, it becomes even more vivid and affecting. Check it out:



  1. gotta love CARACH ANGREN new video!!!

  2. That Blue Stahli video was brilliant. The goofy bits remind you to not take it too seriously, and the Klayton cameo was pure gold.

  3. I have my finger on the pulse of music apparently.
    I fully approve of any silliness Stahli gets up to, and I would’ve loved to see CA actually playing in this video; if not just for more of their drummers face the whole time. Still, it pretty much lines up close with what I envisioned when I first heard the song so +1 for me not being completely retarded.

    • Also, since you linked to my interview, they did in fact do a remix contest of Give Me Everything You’ve Got and it was really interesting seeing what folks did with that song. No one tried to go super heavy with it but we did get one filled with slide guitar, bluegrass instruments, and a swing riff that I think is hilarious.

    • Both of these videos really made my morning . . . and the rest of my day, too. They make a nice contrast between the exuberantly insane and the chilling.

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