Feb 142013

And what are my reasons for posting this on a metal blog?

I have no reasons.

  28 Responses to “GOATS”

  1. Alongside Caninus, fronted by pitbulls, and Hatebeak, fronted by an African Grey Parrot comes a new band, fronted by a goat! And this band shall be called…


  2. Don’t drink anything while watching this. Snorted tea out through my nose. Twice

  3. Also goat-related: P.O.S’ new video for ‘Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)’. Yes, it’s rap, but it’s excellent, fast-paced rap, and the video is utterly freaky and fucking metal. Just watch it.

  4. My girlfriend raises goats commercially…imagine a barn full of animals doing this. It makes the worst noise band I’ve ever heard sound like Beethoven.

  5. Hasn’t been officially announced yet, but after reading this post, I cant resist… Brutal Goats & Heavy Metal coming to your Xbox – http://www.facebook.com/officialdeathgoat – Check the soundtrack \m/

  6. Watching this video, I am reminded why people have imagined Satan to look like a goat.

  7. My boss is going to be getting a pair of Nubians this spring; I’ll tell her to get some video of her latest critters, along with all the new chickens she’s getting (she has 19 right now, plus four dogs and a cat).

  8. that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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