Feb 162013

(Here is the latest in an irregular series of posts by Mr Synn. In this one, the subjects of his haiku reviews are Over Your Threshold (Germany), Nightfall (Greece), and The Faceless (U.S.).)


Heavier, harder

And a little bit smarter

Necrophagist who?



Astron black part two?

Maybe, but who’s complaining?

Dig those Grecian riffs



Extol plus Devin

A recipe for success

Stirred and served with ice


  1. This is really cool.

  2. I reviewed that Over Your Threshold over at about.com . It was quite solid. http://heavymetal.about.com/od/overyourthreshold/fr/Over-Your-Threshold-Facticity-Review.htm

  3. I like these reviews. Straight to the point, no bullshit, but still a little vague. I know if I should probably check a band out but I’m not 100% sure on why.

    Also, I thought I was totally through with techdeath. I thought the genre had atrophied and all that was left was overproduced riff salad with absolutely no heart or soul to speak of. But that Over Your Threshold song owns, the new Faceless album owns, and the new Cryptopsy album owns.

    • They’re fun to write too.

      And, as Matsuo Bashō put it, “The haiku that reveals seventy to eighty percent of its subject is good. Those that reveal fifty to sixty percent, we never tire of.”

  4. I like the Over Your Threshold, but to say, “Necrophagist who?” in response, I do no accept. Just one song to judge by…but better riffs? Nope. More technical? Not based on that song. Better vocals? Not even close! Better solos? hahahahahahahahahahahaha Also, Necrophagist has a superior bass player, imo. Still, I’ll check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. One never thought of Extol while listening to Autotheism before this. But, describing it as “Extol + Devin Townsend” does feel nice.

    Speaking of Extol, One should listen to Extol more… and maybe some Becoming the Archetype too.

  6. The Faceless guys are huge Extol fans. You can hear it everywhere in this album.

    • Indeed. During the interview I did with Michael Keene ages ago we ended up going off on a whole tangent about Extol for about a full 5 minutes (which I cut from the interview as it was really just a fan-boy back and forth between me and him), hence why I wasn’t too shocked by the new album.

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