Feb 182013

Today and the next few days are pretty jammed with the work that pays the bills, but I just took a break long enough to spot the following tidbits I’d like to pass around like a family-sized bag of popcorn.


I saw an announcement that The Dillinger Escape Plan have revealed the title of their next album — One of Us Is the Killer — and a general timeframe for release — May — as well as the album cover (above).

The album will be released by the band’s imprint label Party Smashers Inc. and will be distributed in NorthAm by Sumerian and by BMG everywhere else.

I also saw that DEP has already begun scheduling tour dates in the U.S. and overseas. Many more dates will follow, but you can see the initial list right after the jump.

4/20 Worcester, MA @ Palladium – New England Metal & Hardcore Festival w/ Opeth, etc.
4/26 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
4/27 Brooklyn, NY @ TBA
5/2 Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Live – Golden Gods Awards w/ Metallica, Anthrax, etc.
5/8 Chicago @ Reggies
5/19 San Francisco @ DNA Lounge
5/20 Anaheim @ Chain Reaction
7/5 Roskilde (Denmark) w/ Sigor Ros, Animal Collective, etc.
7/6 Metaltown (Sweden) w/ Slipknot, Motorhead, Clutch, etc.

(via Lambgoat)


Earlier today, Sybreed debuted a new official video for “The Point of Least Resistance”, a song from their last album, God Is An Automaton. Not long after I saw that announcement on Facebook, I saw another post by the band stating that someone had made a claim of copyright infringement about the music, and the video seemed to go away.

And then, without any further explanation, the video reappeared and the band’s comment about copyright infringement disappeared from their FB page.

I don’t know anything more about that little dust-up. I do know that the song is a catchy number, and that Benjamin Cappelletti has done his usual excellent job with the video. I can’t really tell you anything about the video without giving away its surprises, and I hate to spoil surprises. So, just watch:


Feared are a Swedish band organized in about 2007 by Six Feet Under guitarist Ola Englund. They’ve now completed work on their fourth album, which the band will be self-releasing. Its title is Furor Incarnatus, and it features drums by Kevin Talley.

TheMadIsraeli tipped me to the debut of a song from the album named “Breathing Failure”, which I’ve been digging mightily. It’s a kind of melodic death metal with a stomping, slightly off-kilter groove and a tasty guest guitar solo by Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry (and a recent addition to The Absence).

Actually, let me reemphasize something in what I just said.


Okay, now you can check this out — and you can pre-order the album directly from the band at this location. It will be available on iTunes next week.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout to Feared! 😀 Ive come across this site by Fredrik Huldtgren from Canopy and its awesome to see Feared being shown here. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks for leaving the comment. Fred is a great guy with a great band. Speaking of which, we need new Canopy music! (and we will have a review of the Feared album soonish)

      • Fred is indeed a kick ass guy! Since Ive recorded the Woods of Ypres tribute with them Ive been trying to get them to do more songs. Been trying to push the Canopy guys to release something new for a while now but I guess you cant force things. 😉 They are a great bunch of guys to work with and everything they release sounds killer, so any new material is welcome! And Ill anxiously wait for the Feared album review!

  2. Wait’n for the new Dillinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yea. I like the older crazy ass shit, but I gotta tell ya ladies I’m diggin the Option stuff they have progressed, IMO for the better.

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