Feb 262013

(Andy Synn provides the following introduction to the brand new lyric video by NCS favorites The Monolith Deathcult. “Gods Amongst Insects” just premiered on Terrorizer and it will appear on the band’s new album TETRAGRAMMATON, which will be out on May 10 (May 14 in North America) on Season of Mist.) 

Peace… no peace…

Thus begins the new Monolith Deathcult album. An album which covers religious warfare, genocide, and all the horrors humanity inflicts upon itself. As well as the looming horror of an unstoppable alien invasion. That’s right, there’s definitely some inspiration from Independence Day in there too.

“Gods Among Insects” is, fittingly enough, an absolute monster of a track. A sprawling behemoth of huge, grinding riff-salvos, pulverising barrages of high-intensity drumming, berserker death vocals, and ominous symphonic shrouds.

The grandiose oration by one Peter Cullen – that’s right, the human incarnation of Optimus Prime – is both absurdly impressive and impressively absurd, fitting the band’s modus operandi to a T.

“I have existed from the morning of the universe
And I shall exist until the last star falls from the night
My ultimate peace would be granted by the destruction of all life,
Stars and nebulae, leaving only nothingess and void”

It’s also an incredibly catchy track, with some killer lead melodies added by new guitarist Ivo Helgenkamp, and a frenzy of irresistible vocal refrains.

Altogether now…



Pre-order the album HERE or HERE.

And here’s the band’s “official” statement about the new song as reported on Terrorizer:

God Amongst Insects is the first track and marginally the least disappointing from THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT’s upcoming failure, TETRAGRAMMATON. Despite earlier attempts (The Apotheosis, 2003; The White Crematorium, 2005; Trivmvirate, 2008) to exterminate most of mankind by genocidal boredom, up until now their musical incompetence has prevented them from actually hurting anyone. The disastrous calamities that presage the release of TETRAGRAMMATON (abdication of Queen Beatrix, North Korean nuclear testing, Pope resigning, meteors over Russia, Slayer falling apart) are nothing when compared to the auditory global torture these self-styled ambassadors of “Supreme Avantgarde Deathmetal” hope to foist on an unexpecting and frankly uninterested world this May. Buy it – so death will be swift and relatively painless for you.”


  1. Thanks guys! we will spare you from annihilation

  2. This is why I’m broke. I’m gonna have to get a job soon, if all these awesome bands keep releasing albums at the same time!

  3. What a great band!!! I cannot wait to hear the entire album!!!

  4. Aldo, thanks to NCS, for this site!!!!!!! It’s my all time favorite site and come here every single day for music and news!!! Keep it heavy guys!!! METAL ‘TIL DEATH!!!!!

  5. @TMDC:
    One thinks One heard a few Transformers references. But, as usual, One can’t really understand how they fit into the theme of the lyrics. Does the Unicron even have blood?
    More importantly, Peter Cullen! WTF?! How the heck did you guys get him to do those bits?

    • The new cartoon show Transformers: Prime makes heavy use of a material called Dark Energon, which is referred to as the “blood of Unicron.” The Solar Harvester line is a reference to Revenge of the Fallen, which I’m having a little problem with, because those movies are total shit, but I really love this band and I’ve been a TF fan since the 80’s, so I’ll try to take it in stride.

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