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(DGR pitches in with this round-up of recent news and music while I’m still drowning in day-job bullshit.)

Since Islander has once again found himself incredibly busy I figured that I would do my best to get the word out there about a few things that caught my eye earlier on in the week. I had meant to get this up yesterday but unfortunately found myself dealing with jury duty summons – which isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things – so this one is going up today.

Enough excuses though; this week found a couple of death metal videos hitting the web and one electronics fused industrial death bit of music popping up as well. Since they’ve unfortunately flown under our radar, your lovely knight in shining armor gets to ride in upon his pale horse and capture what he can.

DEVOURMENT: “Parasitic Eruption” Video

We’ve been hotly anticipating stuff by Devourment for some time now and the group finally got to release their album Conceived In Sewage via Relapse earlier this year. Now the band have a music video for the song “Parasitic Eruption” which – music-wise – is an excellent example of exactly what this band is about.

They’re probably the most raw sounding of the three death metal options we have in today’s round-up and they move at a very fast clip. “Parasitic Eruption” has a couple of different movements to it but the entire thing is just infernal sounding. I personally haven’t been working on a review for the disc yet but I know one of us can get something going here soon. The promo box has been filled with quite a few goodies lately but we definitely haven’t forgotten about this long-running brutal death band. Let this video hold you over in the meantime.

PYRITHION: “The Invention Of Hatred” lyric video

You know, we have to admit that this one kind of took us by surprise. I know I’m the resident AILD fan despite my misgivings with the latest disc and we all enjoyed Allegaeon’s latest. All it took to be caught off guard was logging on to the net one day to see each band posting about this new Pyrithion project (already signed to Metal Blade no less!) and a video that had gone up on March 4th.

Apparently, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying decided to get involved with a death metal project that the guitarists from The Famine and Allegaeon had been working on, and all three came up with the idea of Pyrithion – which would prove to be a more straightforward death metal focused project than what they had worked on before.

So far, we have a lyric video for “The Invention Of Hatred”, and it definitely meets the standards they set for themselves. It very much sounds like the modern death metal scene with Lambesis spending much of his vocals in a far lower register than what he usually does and the riffs being comprised of slow groove. There’s a recognizably Allegaeon-esque solo in the song, but this song clearly meant for those of us who were looking for something with a bit more death focus to it.

Pyrithion will release their debut EP, The Burden Of Sorrow, via Metal Blade Records on April 16.

MECHINA: “Anicetus” 

The name Joe Tiberi probably isn’t super familiar to a lot of our readers, but we guarantee you have crossed paths with music that this guy has been involved with, given my penchant for posting about anything to do with Chicago-based symphonic industrial death metal group Mechina – with whom he plays guitar and writes a lot of the lyrics.

He’s also been slowly working on his own collection of solo material that is somewhat in the same vein but also allows him to flex his muscles with his studio equipment and different electronics programs. His newest release “Anicetus” veers heavily on the electronics-assisted side of things; it sounds a little bit like another Mechina song that just wasn’t used – backing instrumentals and all — but it has a noisy electronics layer on top of it that actually bears a striking resemblance to another project that is similar in tone – Tyrant Of Death.

That means it is very loud and it sounds incredibly abrasive as each beat thunders over the chugging guitars and attempts by the orchestra to break through. If you’re a fan of either project that I’ve mentioned, then this one is an enjoyable trip back to the sci-fi space.

CORRECTION: Though the new song was posted to Joe Tiberi’s SoundCloud account, we’ve now learned that the new song is in fact a Mechina song.  And here it is:


  1. That Pyrithion album art looks a lot like the art for the new Suffocation album to me.

    • There are certainly similarities. The artist for Suffo’s “Pinnacle of Bedlam” was Raymond Swanland. I haven’t yet found the name of the artist for the Pyrithion EP.

    • That was the first thing I thought when I saw it. Love the song by the way (no surprise as I like Allegaeon very much).

  2. Yes Pyrithion indeed took me by surprise. But it could so easily have been a track off formshifter (which i bought last year, and am so very pleased with myself for doing so) featuring tim lambesis.

    • Agree, I think if I hadn’t read the guitarists from Allegaeon were in this I’d pick it up just from the guitaring – not just the style but the same guitar tone, etc. Still, some nice riffage to go with my coffee

  3. Just a heads up so we can correct the title info – the guys just made this an official Mechina track now so it’s not longer just Joe. I thought it was just him due to the fact that he posted it from his personal soundcloud. Then they posted this video accrediting it to Mechina.

  4. Joe’s also got that track ‘The Moment Between Cause and Effect’ on his Soundcloud. Fuck I love that, wonder if that’s destined for a Mechina song as well.

  5. “The [Something] of [Something]”…

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