May 072013

Our last post was a joke. Unfortunately, this one isn’t. FOX5-San Diego and Reuters are reporting tonight that Tim Lambesis, lead singer for As I Lay Dying and Pyrithion and the man behind Austrian Death Machine, has been arrested  after he allegedly hired someone to kill his estranged wife. Here’s more from the FOX5 report:

“Tim Lambesis, lead singer and co-founder of the heavy-metal group As I Lay Dying, was arrested at a store on Vista Way in Oceanside about 2 p.m., after allegedly soliciting an undercover detective to kill his spouse, an Encinitas resident, according to sheriff’s officials.

Authorities began investigating Lambesis, 32, in the case on Thursday, when they received information that he allegedly was trying to get someone to commit the slaying.

He was booked into the Vista Jail on suspicion of solicitation of murder.”

The reports don’t indicate that Lambesis has yet been charged, merely arrested. But if the reports are correct that his arrest was based on statements he made to an undercover detective, you can bet those charges will be forthcoming soon. Continue reading »

Mar 072013

(DGR pitches in with this round-up of recent news and music while I’m still drowning in day-job bullshit.)

Since Islander has once again found himself incredibly busy I figured that I would do my best to get the word out there about a few things that caught my eye earlier on in the week. I had meant to get this up yesterday but unfortunately found myself dealing with jury duty summons – which isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things – so this one is going up today.

Enough excuses though; this week found a couple of death metal videos hitting the web and one electronics fused industrial death bit of music popping up as well. Since they’ve unfortunately flown under our radar, your lovely knight in shining armor gets to ride in upon his pale horse and capture what he can.

DEVOURMENT: “Parasitic Eruption” Video

We’ve been hotly anticipating stuff by Devourment for some time now and the group finally got to release their album Conceived In Sewage via Relapse earlier this year. Now the band have a music video for the song “Parasitic Eruption” which – music-wise – is an excellent example of exactly what this band is about. Continue reading »