Mar 142013

(DGR has a few things to say about the new video from The Amenta.)

If there were a list of bands I had to come up with who I think sounded like the apocalypse, The Amenta would easily rank alongside groups like Behemoth, Xerath, Zonaria, and Ulcerate. They’ve got a really good grip on that loud and hollow sound that one would imagine emanating from a group playing at the end of the world.

Their music has a very loud machine quality that sounds like the grinding of gears on top of a heavy blast of death metal, with the occasional black metal shriek and blast. I personally came in late in the game with this group of Australians back when they made their EP Void avalable for download. Now they have released a music video for their new song ‘Teeth’ that you can view at the end of this post, which they have released ahead of their new album Flesh Is Heir – which hits toward the end of this month.

The way the video plays out is that, well, unfortunate things happen, and a large part of it winds up being a creepy long-haired dude crawling all over a lady with enough chains and grime to have been cleaned out of a prop shop. We must be early in their relationship by the time the video for “Teeth” was filmed because after awhile I imagine she’d probably just have about a half hour set aside for ‘creepy dude to crawl all over me with chains and what not’ as part of her day.

Whether she has to deal with the fiery bellows of music that “Teeth” provides the whole time is a different subject. The song itself is definitely worth listening to – especially if you dig that sort of apocalyptic sound that I alluded to above. I’ve got a couple of spins on it already with the video running in the background while I do other things. Flesh Is Heir hits at the end of this month and we’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on where you can hear more from it and hopefully – how the full album is.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since the “creepy long-haired dude” in the video appears to be The Amenta’s vocalist Cain Cressall, I would just like to say, “no offense intended”.  The band had this to say about the song: “‘Teeth’ is about the regression of the human brain to the reptilian level when drugs and alcohol have been consumed. To prevent confusion: The Amenta are all for psychic obliteration. A dream of teeth and claw!”


  1. This one of the reasons I generally avoid “metal videos”. Too goofy and stupid, makes me think poorly of a song. LOL

  2. I knew who the long haired dude was; I was just having a little fun with metal’s penchant for looking over the top. I think the video fits the song’s concept well.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about digitally making one’s eyes go white. One one hand, I don’t think you should need computer effects to look creepy. On the other hand, dude does look hella creepy, and I think without the all-white eyes he’d just look stupid, given how intense his performance is. It’s also probably not that different from wearing blood, makeup, or a mask, either, and I have no problem with those.

  4. I don’t remember them sounding this good? Going to need to get their new album!

  5. This song remind me more of Occasus than Non, which is a good thing.

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