Apr 022013

Just minutes ago, UK-based Hacktivist released a new song named “Elevate” for free download, with an accompanying video. I am posting this news and the video in part because I like the song and video and in part because I always enjoy the comments we provoke when we write about Hacktivist.

Hacktivist do have their supporters around these parts, but like the Marines logo says, they are the few, though they are proud. As for everyone else, you’ll just have to suck it up and soldier on (and leave your comments).

Hacktivist haven’t yet turned into a black metal band. It’s still rap + djent. I have no ability to judge the quality of the rhymes (I listen to very little rap), but at least they’re still going on about something serious, and those rhythms still get my head bobbing.

To download the track for free, go HERE. To watch and listen, just follow along after the jump.


  16 Responses to “HACKTIVIST: “ELEVATE””

  1. If you replaced the band with Decapitated and replaced the rappers with Chuck D, this would be pretty awesome.

  2. I don’t see how in the world people can’t get into this.

  3. I guess I’m one of those around here that dig it. Like you said, one of things that wins them points is the serious lyrical subject matter. Much to the chagrin of a number of you, I’m off to download! mwah ha haa…

    • Hey, I’m all for bands with serious subject matter. I just tend to like good music with it too.

    • Hey!

      What the hell are you guys talking about…songs about Satan, Vikings and Zombies are serious business

      • Fair points Andy and Brute, can’t argue with either of those. Still cracks me up how divisive this band is.

  4. Not too bad. Sometimes the different vocal accents bother me and I focus on that, and not the actual lyrics. That is not a negative on the band. For whatever reason I focus on the accents when I listen to Gorod or Tyr or Amorphis. Anyways, there are some rhymin metal dudes maybe Rage Against the Machine, or I don’t know Linkin Park, that fill a mood when you want it.
    I wouldn’t compare this dudes quality rhymes to other rappers. You might as well compare them to Travis Porter or Waka Flocka, or Cowboy Troy to Plies. I don’t know. I like being entertained by the subject matter, the way it is presented, and by whom. It’s not right so substitute to get something you want because you can play other artists to get that.

  5. 😎

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