Apr 042013

I have some really cool things to post today, including Andy Synn’s report on Day Two at Inferno Festival, a special tag-team review of Soilwork’s new album, and part one of a two-part post by guest contributor Austin Weber putting the spotlight on some underground bands we haven’t covered here before.

HOWEVER, as I write this it is approximately 2 a.m. and your humble editor has just returned to his humble abode after being humbled by Soilwork and Jeff Loomis at El Corazon in Seattle, and I must now fall into bed before I fall on my face. I will get those other posts ready to go just as soon as I wake up, which should be sometime in 2014.

In the meantime, I would like to get an important discussion under way so I’ll have something fun to read when I wake up. Please watch the video after the jump and leave a comment with your explanation of why those fucking dogs are doing what they’re doing.

I have two brilliant theories of my own, only one of which involves Satan, but I’m saving them so as not to spoil the challenge, since I’m pretty sure that one of my two theories is correct.

I’ll see you sometime in 2014.

  8 Responses to “DISCUSSION”

  1. Listening to Two steps from Hells “Dark Ages” while watching that video makes me support your Satan theory.

    • That clearly seems to be the correct explanation. My other theory was that the dogs think there’s more milk to be had around to the left, not having been properly trained in the physics of fluids.

  2. Could not watch the video 🙁 press play and nothing.

  3. The dogs more or less distribute themselves around the bowl with as much space between them as they can, much like how flowers grow petals. If just one of them starts moving, then it tends to push all the rest around at more or less the same speed (check out about halfway through, when they stop and then restart when the one on the bottom of the screen starts pushing again) so they maintain their spacing. It’s all about the symmetry, man.

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