Apr 162013

We have been looking forward to the release of many albums in 2013, but perhaps none so eagerly as Tetragrammaton, the new sonic assault by the 6th most popular and almost-award-winning Supreme Avantgarde Deathmetal band from Kampen, The Netherlands, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT. In the hope of earning a swift and relatively painless death when the album is unleashed, we dutifully featured the lyric video for the album’s first single, “Gods Amongst Insects”. To hedge our bets even further, we now present to you our humble and barely articulate feature about the album’s second song.

The song’s title is “Todesnacht von Stammhein”, and like much of the music TMDC creates, a history lesson lies behind the lyrics. The title refers to the so-called “Death Night of Stammhein” (October 18, 1977) on which three members of the Red Army Faction imprisoned in Stammheim Prison were found dead in their cells. You can learn more about these events via this link to The Font of All Human Knowledge. There will not be a test — at least not one that we will administer — but when the album comes out on May 10 (May 14 in the U.S.), assimilation of such learning may be all that stands between you and the uncontrollable destruction of the Deathcult.

Shit, where was I?

Oh yeah . . . these dudes have a new song available for listening.

The song is a beast — a mechanized one, animated by an industrial rhythm, sheathed in a storm of electronic effects, charged by brutish riffing and spine-snapping percussion, and lit up from the inside by incandescent guitar solos. And let’s not overlook all the vocal variety — the howling, the growling, the chanting, the ganging up.

Our advice? Protect your neck, because by the time “Todesnacht von Stammheim” hits its climax, you’ll be smack in the middle of headbang city.

We could work our devious magic and embed the song player here, but we’ll be atypically well-mannered and, suppressing our own bitterness at being overlooked for this honor, direct you instead to a place called New Noise Magazine where the song is exclusively streaming:


Pre-order the album here.


  1. What a great song! I really want to know the lyrics now!

  2. There will be a lyric vid online within a few hours

  3. Stammheim is just around the corner from where I live …

  4. I somewhat agree, but some matters should be done a bit differently.

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