Apr 202013

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Heaven Shall Burn’s official video for “Hunters Will Be Hunted”, one of the best songs on one of this German band’s best albums — Veto (which Andy Synn reviewed here for us and which will be released by Century Media in North America on April 30). The premiere apparently happened yesterday via Impericon and Tape.tv. Unfortunately, the video service is geographically restricted and only seems to be available in selected European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

However, the internet being the internet, the video has been uploaded in high quality to YouTube by some enterprising soul, and so those of us outside those three countries can see it — though I suspect it won’t be up on YouTube for long.

Lyrically, “Hunters Will Be Hunted” is an attack on the killing of animals, and the vehemence of the condemnation comes through in the music, though the song also includes a shimmering melody (to use Andy’s words). The snow-bound video is beautiful to watch (in more ways than one), and makes its point in an unexpected way — which I won’t spoil for you. Have a look, and a listen, after the jump . . . for as long as this lasts.


  1. Bambi and HSB, what a smexy concoction!

  2. Cool video, very well shot. Particularly that part with the fire and capturing the sparks and embers lifting off it, that is some primo footage right there. Kudos to the model for working in those conditions! Like the song too, I will have to check out this album.

  3. really digging this song and video

  4. For the record, I was able to view the official video from the Netherlands – might want to update that.

    It’s a pity to see the zoo-anthropomorphic forces active in society are also catching on in the metal scene. That said, the music is nice, and the video is neatly composed.

  5. Even as a hunter I appreciated the beauty of the video.

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