May 142013

Here’s one of those posts that causes people unfamiliar with our site to become confused. It concerns Norway’s Leprous, who create music vastly different from the vast majority of music we cover here.

I am providing this post as a public service, because I know some of our other writers and many of our readers were quite taken with this band’s last album, Bilateral. The new one, entitled Coal, is scheduled for release on May 28 in North America and May 20 in Europe by InsideOut Music. I really like the cover art, by Jeff Jordan.

Today, Leprous released an official video for one of the new songs, “The Cloak”. Fittingly, it was filmed in a mine — the Konnerud Hill Mines in Norway, to be precise.

The song is languid, pared-down, ethereal, haunting, and memorable — and Einar Solberg unquestionably has got a set of quality pipes, if you’re into pipes that aren’t corroded beyond recovery. There’s some heaviness in the riffs, too, which I appreciate.

So, have a look and a listen while I go hunt for some metal that will strip paint from the walls.

  3 Responses to “A NEW LEPROUS VIDEO: “THE CLOAK””

  1. I don’t like this track quite as much as the first one they put out – “Chronic” – but it’s still pretty great. No doubts this will be an AOTY contender for me.

  2. F yes!

    Awesome stuff…LOVE the ambiance

  3. I’m probably in the minority, but I really haven’t been that impressed by the two tracks that I’ve heard so far from the album. They remind me of the slower tracks from Bilateral, which was where I found things dragging. I can only hope that they’re holding back the heavier, weirder tunes for now.

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