May 142013

I thought we were finished posting for the day, and then I got a message from TheMadIsraeli that Deeds of Flesh had premiered a new track from their long-awaited eighth album, Portals To Canaan.

The song is “Amidst the Ruins”. It’s utterly fascinating. It scrambles the mind quite thoroughly, and in my case, left me gap-mouthed in a silly smile.

The technical acrobatics are top-shelf, of course, but the song is also cleverly constructed in a way that ties together the flurry of notes, the bullet-spitting percussion, and the big-barking-dog vocals. Threaded through all the impressive instrumental work and the unstable rhythms are magnetic little melodies and repeating motifs that begin to seem like old friends after a few listens.

But what really widened my grin are the few bars of warm guitar melody with which the song opens and closes. Brilliant.

Do listen right after the jump. The album is due on June 25 from Unique Leader.


  10 Responses to “DEEDS OF FLESH: “AMIDST THE RUINS””

  1. Fucking badass!!

  2. My gawd. Why have I never heard of this band?! And is that a teaser of the cover art? If so – too awesome. I could see myself sporting that as a tattoo.

  3. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. album cover looks like a mashup of “and time begins” and Ophidian I’s “solvet Saeculum”. wait, tech death covers look similar? whoa…

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