May 152013

Chimaira have had their ups and downs over the years, but at their strongest they’ve made some powerful, compelling music, and I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a couple of their live shows that were an absolute blast. In recent weeks they’ve grabbed press attention with a successful indiegogo campaign to finance a special fan edition (a combined CD/DVD) of their next album, Crown of Phantoms, which will be released by eOne on July 30; they exceeded their $30,000 goal in less than two weeks. And now they’ve started streaming a new single and video.

The song is called “All That’s Left Is Blood” and it will appear on Crown of Phantoms. Like much of what Chimaira have done in the past, it’s a genre-bender. It incorporates elements of hardcore and melodic death metal, with hammering riffs, thundering breakdown moments, and a flashy guitar solo by new guitarist Emil Werstler (Daath, Levi/Werstler).

And speaking of new members, the band has basically been reinvented since their last album in 2011, with Mark Hunter recruiting an entirely new line-up. The current membership of Chimaira is: Mark Hunter (vocals), Emil Werstler (guitar), Austin D’Amond (drums), Matt Szlachta (guitar), Jeremy Creamer (bass), Sean Zatorsky (keyboards).

Check out the new song next . . . .



  1. Have never listened to Chimaira for whatever reason, though I’ve heard they are good. But I love Emil Werstler, dude is an amazing guitarist and yes everything he touches turns to fucking gold. So I can guarantee this will be sick and will be buying. Everyone needs to hear his criminally underrated work in Levi/Werstler who have a mind-blowing album called Avalanche of Worms.

  2. i like it! hopefully they’ll be playing this one when my son and i see them tonight with Whitechapel 🙂

  3. Enjoyed the solo….but not much else

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