May 172013

I recently plastered this album cover by Chris Moyen on our site in an EYE-CATCHERS post, for obvious reasons. It’s the cover for The Fleshland, the new album by Japan’s Coffins, which is one I’ve been eagerly anticipating. The album will be released by Relapse Records in NorthAm on July 9 (and can be pre-ordered here).

Yesterday the band premiered a lyric video for a song from the album named “The Vacant Pale Vessel”. I was really thrilled to see that they had named a song for me. I didn’t realize they even knew who I was!

I was even more thrilled when I heard the song. My gawd, it just oozes illness — a festering, suppurating mass of death-doom. It’s rancid and raw, and it compels the head to bang and the bodily fluids to leak in slow congealing flows from every orifice as the organs liquify. And oh my, that guitar solo . . .  and the crushing dirge that follows it  . . . and the horrifying vocals . . . and, just everything. Listen to it after the jump.


  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Great band. Old-School Doom/Death!

  3. This was one of the most crushing things I’ve heard this year. Love it!

  4. Crushing as hell…

  5. James, Orsaeth, and SurgicalBrute: I’m glad I have some validation of my reaction from you. I get flattened by this song, but I did wonder whether my enthusiasm would be shared by other experienced listeners.

  6. that is seriously badass!

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