Jun 132013

Here are a trio of things I spied on the web this morning. The first two are in the nature of coincidental follow-ups, since our last post was a review of Dark Tranquillity’s new album, and since yesterday we frothed at the mouth over the newly announced North American tour involving Exhumed (headlined by Dying Fetus and also featuring Devoured and Abiotic). And then the last item is a semi-obligatory check-in with Finnish metal.


The August issue of DECIBEL magazine (order-able here) includes yet another installment in the magazine’s Flexi-Disc series, and this one is a previously unreleased song by Dark Tranquillity entitled “Sorrow’s Architect”. The song was recorded during the sessions that produced the band’s new album Construct. DECIBEL kindly began streaming it today on SoundCloud.

To my ears, it sounds much in the vein of the more “experimental” songs on Construct, predominantly mid-paced and moody, with dreamlike, synth-assisted instrumental passages that add a dark ambience to the song (nut no clean singing). I do like it. Go HERE to listen.



Today also brought a few details about the next album by California’s Exhumed, including the album art. I could only find a smallish image of it online, and so that’s what I’m going with. The album is named Necrocracy and it will be released by Relapse in North America on August 6 (now available for pre-order  here).

In addition to those details, Relapse posted an album teaser on YouTube, which helps explain the meaning of the album’s title. The small excerpt of music is . . . pummeling.



Corpset are from Tampere, Finland, and they have a new album scheduled for release by Violent Journey named No Rest. Today the Finnish website Inferno premiered an official video for the album’s title song. Inferno’s introduction to the video is in Finnish, which is just the way I like it — because that gives me another excuse to unleash Google Translate, with predictably garbled yet strangely meaningful results:

Corpsetilta second album in September, see the new music video!

Technology dependence petiole mass. Inter alia.

In 2010, the Ruins debut released in Tampere metal group Corpset to continue setting, in September, the second album No Rest publication. They say the screw is tightened further, but that is seen.

Some kind of idea offers No Rest music video, which has produced Matti Kuusniemi. Watch the video here!

I enjoyed the video. Inferno says the song is screw-tightening, technology dependence petiole mass and it offers some kind of idea, inter alia. I couldn’t agree more. The video also effectively captures the way I feel at my keyboard much of the time. I wonder if my eyes have started to glow yet?



  1. whoohoo Exhumed!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Holy shit new Exhumed awesome!

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