Jun 222013

I’m going to be scarce around here the rest of the day and a big part of tomorrow. Two friends of mine are getting married tomorrow, and I intend to help them celebrate the joyous occasion to the utmost of my abilities. If the NCS site becomes comatose, please look for me at hospitals in the vicinity of Ithaca, NY.

Until we meet again, I’d like to leave you with something that really made my morning, and I hope it will make yours brighter, too. It’s a video of about half of Agalloch’s live set in Aalter, Belgium, on April 22, 2013, as part of the LUCIFER OVER EUROPE tour. The video and the audio quality are both very good. In fact, if you decide not to stare at a computer screen for 44 minutes, the audio is good enough that you could just blast it in the background.

So fucking heavy, so fucking sublime. Four excellent musicians really locked in, casting spells. Thank you John HaughmDon AndersonJason Walton, and Aesop Dekker for getting my weekend off to a fine start.


  1. Ithaca, NY? Since you’re out my way, come join us in Rochester tonight and see Replacire and Formless rip it up. If those names aren’t familiar…you’re missing out.

    • That sounds like it would have been a good show. I passed the night dancing to zydeco music in a brew pub overlooking Seneca Lake named after two goats. Those goats make some good IPA.

      • It was fantastic – the sound was questionable at times, but the bands were as good as advertised. Formless, especially, was stellar – for a band so young, their chops and songwriting are incredible. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the guys (and girl) in Formless, but they said the album should be out soon. I can’t wait! Replacire was downright explosive live – the deathcore elements in the songs come to life on stage, and the whole place was moving.

        I haven’t been to the brewpub of which you speak, but this area is an incredible hotbed for microbrews. I can’t keep up these days – Rochester alone has seen two new breweries this year. My liver is not amused.

  2. i’ve watched it a few times, already. great quality and great performance

    • There are some other videos from this tour on YouTube but the band themselves say this is one of the best. I don’t have Agalloch’s entire discography committed to memory, but there may be some new music in here, too (at least something I don’t remember hearing before).

  3. Outstanding!! A band that will never let you down. Not much else to say,except listen and appreciate. Thanks Agalloch.

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