Jun 262013

Yours truly has been keeping both bloodshot eyes peeled for info about the next album by Vasaeleth. Keeping my eyes open without blinking for hours on end makes them hurt quite a lot, and this may explain why I sometimes make whimpering noises. However, we must all endure pain for our pleasure, because this is the way of the world. Of course, much of the time we must endure pain to no good end at all. This also is the way of the world.

Aw fuck, where was I?  Oh yeah, waiting for Vasaeleth. Well, my painful vigilance was rewarded this afternoon with a boatload of information. First, Profound Lore confirmed the title of the new album (All Uproarious Darkness) and announced its release date (August 20). Second, PL unveiled the album’s cover art, which you can see above. It was painted by the viciously talented Antichrist Kramer. It’s quite eye-catching, don’t you think?

And finally, we have been given a new song to hear, one bearing the title “Paradise Reconsecrated”. I’m of two minds about the song. In one of my minds I’m being torn apart by wild, voracious beasts who are growling and shrieking and tearing and swallowing whole in a feast of ravenous abandon. In my other mind, I’m enveloped by a blackened death metal tornado, the air being sucked from my lungs while the guitars grind and moan and squeal, the bass thunders, and the drums rumble like an earthquake; and then I’m eaten alive by wild animals. It feels so good.

Here’s the new song:



  1. Hell yeah…I didnt even know this was coming out

  2. Shit! This is good! And i thought Profound Lore has grown rather silent all year, given the fact that they had some brilliant albums by the dozen released last year. That said Dark Descent has released some excellent records this year, especially the new Krypts and Lantern. Also the brilliant artwork here seems similar, texture wise, to Inquisition’s last album (which was great). I guess it’s by the same artist . Vasaeleth is certainly a new discovery. http://www.lurkerspath.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/COVER-Inquisition.jpg

  3. Fuck

  4. ME!!!!!!

  5. PL has had a lot of good stuff this year: Man’s Gin, Portal, a completely different-sounding Altar of Plagues, etc.

    I’m really looking forward to this one, and I love the art. (I did a post on Kramer’s art a while back.)

    • I missed that post. Really nice collection of Kramer’s art. I do love his stuff too.

      And I agree with you that PL has given us some very strong releases this year, including those you mentioned as well as VHOL, Gevurah, Abyssal, and the forthcoming AMSG. I’m probably forgetting some.

  6. this is seriously awesome

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