Jul 022013

Savannah, Georgia’s Black Tusk are staring into the teeth of a July 23 release date for their new EP Tend No Wounds via Relapse Records. I’ve already got the hots for the cover artwork, which was created by Brian Mercer (Eyehategod, Lamb of God, Zoroaster). I’m getting pretty steamy over the music, too. First, there was the band’s official video for “In Days of Woe” (which debuted about two weeks ago), and then today we got another new track — “Internal/Eternal” — via Crave Online.

The new song is a crusty bucket of Southern fried riffs, alcohol-ruined vocals, and cannonball drum hits. It’s primo headbang material, but there’s something ominous about the smoke-filled air in this room, like you better finish your shot in a hurry because you’re about to get knifed.

Listen to this song after the jump (and watch the previous video, too). I’m really diggin’ it, and looking forward to listening to all 6 tracks on the EP.

Tend No Wounds will be available in CD, vinyl, and digital formats and can be pre-ordered from the Relapse Records Store HERE. A trailer for the EP can be viewed HERE.


  1. I have never really listened to these guys before… this sounds pretty good!

  2. My first exposure to their music was live so this new track seems a bit underwhelming after being hit by the SOLID WALL OF AWESOME they produce live. Maybe I just need louder speakers…

    • With some bands (and I know you know this), studio recordings just can’t capture what happens live, and when your first exposure is to a live set, it’s tough. I’ve definitely had that experience, especially with bands whose live sound is gut-liquifying. Just not possible to get that off of a studio recording with a typical sound system or audio player.

  3. i saw them opening for Kvelertak, killer live band

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