Jul 022013

Yeah, you guessed it. I’m a little behind in getting today’s first post finished, so I needed some filler. Holy shit, have I got filler.


I got a link from The Professor (aka groverXIII) encouraging me to watch this next video after first stating that he had no words to describe it. I watched it, and I’m speechless, too.

But I’ll at least tell you who you’re watching and where the performance occurred (though I’m sure some of you have already seen this weirdness). The “who” is Winny Puhh, an Estonian punk band who dress in spandex wrestling shorts and hairy monster masks. They have two drummers who play while spinning around in the air. With their drum kits. Eventually, everyone winds up in the air. There are a bunch of weird instruments in the line-up, too. You’ll see.

The “where” is Eesti Laul 2013, the March 2 television broadcast of Estonia’s national competition to select the country’s representative to the Eurovision Song Contest. Winny Puhh performed the song “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti”, which I think means “There’s a weasel eating me alive anus first!”

Sadly, Winny Puhh didn’t win, though they did make it to the final 10. The winner of the Estonian competition finished 20th out of 26 in the Eurovision finals. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

By the way, Winny Puhh’s first album is available for streaming on Soundcloud (here). And now, watch the video. In The Professor’s words, “how often do you get to watch/listen to upside-down Estonian werewolf punk?  ALMOST NEVER.”



You probably think there’s a band named The Bubble Lords of Ginza, but I just made up that name, because it was shorter than saying “an employee at a company that produces commercials dumped 40 liters of body soap down the sink at the company’s office on the 13th floor of the Sumitomo Shiodome Building in the Ginza district of Tokyo, leading to a mass of what-the-fuck? at ground level”.

I found out about this event thanks to our buddy Phro, who, as you may know, now writes for the Rocket News 24 website. I’ll let Phro take it from there via his recent article on this bubble carnage at Rocket News:

“After the soap spilled out onto the street, police and firefighters worked into the night to clear the roads. Their bravery will live on in our hearts forever. Unfortunately, no children were present to run screaming through the mess and then track soap-prints through freshly cleaned living rooms.”

That there is some journalistic gold.

Of course, there’s video:


  1. This wonderful gem is also the first item on the winny puhh facebook page.


    Apparently they’ll let em do that at a fashion show too.

  2. I’m pretty sure that gigantic instrument is Phro. I mean an Estonian balalaika. Phro is a gigantic instrument.

  3. It’s a shame… I suspect that any band named The Bubble Lords of Ginza would probably be awesome, rather like the Robot Lords Of Tokyo.

  4. i’ve seen the Winny Puhh video before but it’s got repeat value; they’re a shining light in a cold, dark world…or something.

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