Jul 052013

Well, finally. Of all the songs on Decapitated’s superb 2011 album Carnival Is Forever, “404” was the one your humble editor picked for Our List of 2011’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs (though it was a close call between that one and “United”). And although Decapitated have produced multiple music videos for Carnival, “404” was overlooked for video treatment — until about an hour ago.

Now we’ve got it — a montage of clips from live performances set to the studio track of the song. It’s a reminder of both what a fuckin’ awesome song this is and what a killer live show Decapitated deliver.

As a trained medical professional, I also want to remind you about the importance of doing your neck-loosening exercises before watching this, so you don’t pull a muscle when your head starts bouncing to and fro and every which way. Here it is:


  1. A lot of band seem to be doing this (or so it seems). Wonder what for? Mining the well out of an album or hoping it catches on via social media and gets more people into the band?

  2. great song!!!! i was so excited when i found out these guys would be coming to my local venue as openers for Cradle Of Filth, and so ridiculously pissed when the whole tour got cancelled.

  3. I really liked Carnival is Forever; I think it was a better return than I imagined they could make. Listening to this video, I just noticed for the first time that the snare sound is like John Stanier’s with Helmet. Love it.

  4. I liked the video very much, it really captures what they are like in concert. I really would like to know where it was filmed, or which concerts the clips were from, they might have taken some from a show i was at 🙂

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