Aug 012013

The new album by New Zealand’s Ulcerate is entitled Vermis. It’s due for release by Relapse on September 17 in North America and on somewhat earlier dates elsewhere. It’s one of our most highly anticipated releases of the year. And late yesterday, the album’s first advance track became available for listening.

“Confronting Entropy” sounds like the warring of alien behemoths on some distant, poisonous planet during an earthquake while a meteor strike is in progress. The sound is massive, with huge, catastrophic riffs, squalling, shrieking guitar leads, and earth-splitting percussion. It’s tumultuous avant garde death metal with teeth. Check it out next (I’m including both the YouTube and Soundcloud streams for the hell of it).

(Vermis can be pre-ordered here. Ulcerate’s web site is at this location.)



  1. Wow, this is really good! Am I the only one getting a Hate Eternal vibe about midway through?

  2. A lavish piece and free from flaws. The fascinating atmosphere, which makes the track a sort of musical torture is really brilliant. Excellent also for the onslaught of guitar that well alternates between slowness, heaviness and speed. A trend chaotic and obscure that is well supported by a battery that knows how to punish with wisdom and precision without ever yielding during its run (one of the best drummers in circulation I think) and the final darker and darker. Growl is colossal to say the least, I think it’s reasonable to expect a masterpiece!

  3. awesome!! i’m definitely pre-ordering this!

  4. Listening to a promo of this right now and I propose that we just crown Ulcerate the supreme kings of modern death metal and be over with it. Instrumentation is out of this world, songwriting and arranging is fascinating in all it’s alien bleakness and I feel there’s more variation in the songs compared to the last album.

    I’d like to see Ulcerate do a tour with Aevangelion and Terra tenebrosa. That would surely extinguish a solar system or two.

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