Aug 022013

Well, holy shit, this is some news.  This morning an Ihsahn meet-and-great at Wacken Open Air turned into an Emperor meet-and-greet. Wacken’s organizers converted the session into a press conference at which they announced that Emperor will be re-uniting to headline the 25th anniversary Wacken Open Air, which will be held from July 31-August 2, 2014 (at Wacken, Germany, of course.

According to this report, Ihsahn and Samoth were both present at the press conference and answered questions about the band’s reunion dates in 2014 as well as the possibilities of a new album (!!!).  I’m still hunting for details about what was said on those subjects, and I’ll update this when I learn more.

Emperor played played Wacken in 2006 and last performed together in 2007 at festivals in France and Finland. Their last album was Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire And Demise, released in 2001.

To repeat, holy shit.

  12 Responses to “EMPEROR RE-UNITES FOR WACKEN 2014”

  1. …and this is when I wake up and realize this was just another one of those Emperor re-union dreams.

  2. Holy FUCKIN shit!

    I. MUST. GO!

  3. Holy fucking shit!!!!! Fucking Emperor!!!!! Possibility of new album???? Please take my money!!!!

  4. …and cue unfettered screaming from Oneself.

  5. Fantastic news! Now only if I could go to Wracken….

    • +1 for those of us with no chance of going to Wacken
      I would love nothing more

      • I’m in that club as well. I felt like this was a signal event in the world of metal that made me happy just because it was happening, even if I’d never get to take part in it.

  6. holy shit indeed!!! 🙂

  7. New album or not; This is fantastic news for metal. Of course, I, along with probably everyone else, hopes for a new album. “Prometheus” was mind-blowing, and I really enjoy all of Ihsahn’s solo work.

  8. The current official statement says that this is just a 20th anniversary tour, and will be hitting a select few festivals. No worldwide dates, no new album.

  9. The almighty black metal legends return? Well, this is stoking me!

  10. I bought my tickets today!

    Saw Amon Amarth, King Diamond, Behemoth, Kreator, Iced Earth and a few other bands were comfirmed along with Emperor, and figured its already a good lineup. First time back at wacken since lats time Emperor played there.
    The presale started yesterday, and they already sold 60 000 tickets. Thats pretty massive!

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