Aug 112013

Last week we received the disappointing news that the release of the upcoming tenth studio album by Poland’s almighty Behemoth (entitled The Satanist) would be delayed to early 2014. However, the band played one of the new songs — “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” — at the BRUTAL ASSAULT festival in The Czech Republic last night (August 10), and a fan-filmed video of the performance has now surfaced.

The song is an absolute monster. It begins as a slow, black crusher and then it fuckin’ explodes at the mid-point. The fan video has the usual imperfections, but you can hear the song pretty well and the visuals are amazing, notwithstanding the imperfections. Strobing lights, explosions of flame, great plumes of smoke — combine all that with the power of the song, and it’s quite a thing to see and hear. Which you can do right after the jump.



  1. Cool mic stand bro

    Sounds good. Not that I expected them to change for the masses by any means, but still nice to hear 🙂

  2. Pretty awesome. Anticipation starting to build.

  3. yup, this is pretty badass 🙂 why oh why did this have to show up right after they announced the pushed back release date?

  4. Yeah I heard this earlier today too. I have to admit I’m already a Behemoth fan, and this sounded solid. Looking forward to the album!

  5. That sounded suitably fantabulous. I love Behemoth and this makes me really anxious to hear The satanist.

  6. One more clip (of decent quality) of this song can be found here as well:

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