Aug 142013

What you’re looking at is a candid photo of your humble editor taken as the sun rose this morning over my current location.  I fell in with a bad crowd last night.  They made me stay up really late and forced all manner of intoxicants into me.  I told them nothing.

Rather than seek hospital care after I escaped my captors, I had to be at a secret location  early this morning where I was expected to engage in the work for which I’m paid.  I am now doing things that resemble work, but actually consist of me writing this brief note to you.

The one thing I’ve been unable to do, either last night or this morning, is write a post for NCS.  Later in the day, I plan to do that.  For now, I must return to the task of appearing to work and moaning softly.  Adios.

  21 Responses to “OOOPS!”

  1. three words; five hour energy 🙂

  2. By the looks of that pic, it couldn’t have been THAT bad. You still managed some morning wood at least.

  3. I don’t know how old you are, Islander, but let me tell you this: Once you hit 40 (like yours truly), pretty much every morning looks like that.

  4. So you DO have a head.

  5. It’s cool man, given the amount of time and energy you and the other staffers give to this site a day or two without posts is fine.

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