Aug 262013

I don’t know how many people visit NCS every day versus the number of people who come here once a week or once in a lifetime, at gunpoint. But in case someone has missed the last four days, this will alert you that your intrepid NCS staff is in the midst of a week-long fuck-off.

All five of us are here in the Emerald City, getting to know each other better. Things are going even better than expected, with the announcement last night that two of the staff are marrying each other and have picked me to officiate. However, because this happened after a solid 12 hours of drinking beer, I’m hoping that they sleep on that decision instead of sleeping with each other before the sun comes up today, no matter how much I would enjoy being the officiant.

I’m almost certain we have done other things in Seattle besides drink beer and talk metal and drink more beer, but this is more a matter of faith than memory at this point. One thing I do know is that since this hellish communion began last Thursday we’ve had two days go by with no posts whatsoever, after having previously missed only one day in the nearly four years since NCS began.

We do have a few guest posts that will be appearing today and tomorrow, for which I am grateful to those charitable authors. Past that, there’s just no way of telling what else, if anything else, will appear at NCS over the next five days. By next weekend, Andy Synn and BadWolf and TheMadIsraeli and DGR will have returned to their respective homes, or will be interred here for all eternity, and either way I’ll miss them. And either way, we’ll start having more content after this week passes.

For the time being, you can amuse yourselves, and us, by attempting to guess the names, from left to right, of the NCS staff whose torsos appear at the top of this post. The winners will receive a laurel, and hearty handshake, figuratively speaking.


  27 Responses to “SWIMMING IN AN OCEAN OF BEER”

  1. i’m think Islander is second from the left? or far right? i suck at guessing games! stay safe, or some resemblance thereof 🙂

  2. From left to right I think we have: Don Anderson, Scott Hull, Karen O (hey, she did that song with Trent Reznor), Scott Ian (who used his time machine to travel to the future from 1987), and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

  3. Excessive beer leads to excessive arm-folding and other such tomfoolery! Enjoy your vacation and don’t lose your heads!! :^]

  4. Islander has black tattoos on both arms, and I don’t see anyone like that in this photo…

  5. Kidnapping is never cool

  6. Hmmm tough question !

    I’d say, from left to right, Islander, Andy Synn, BadWolf, TheMadIsraeli and DGR.

    Amarite ?

  7. This is pretty easy for me, by and large. L-R: BadWold, DGR, unknown proxy for Islander (who I am fairly certain does not have bobs), Israel, and Andy (can’t miss those beefcake biceps). Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can see half of Israel’s face anyway. Either he’s short, or the rest of you are all pretty tall.

  8. I’m guessing that Islander’s stand-in in this photo is Alexis, the second original member of the very first NCS line-up. AMIRITE?!?!

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