Sep 232013

This morning brought the premiere of two new songs from two forthcoming albums that we’ve been eagerly awaiting. You can and should hear both of them below.


The new Hail of Bullets album is entitled III: The Rommel Chronicles and it will be released in NorthAm by Metal Blade on October 29 (pre-orders available here). The new song is “DG-7”, and it follows the previous premiere of “Pour Le Mérite” (featured here).

The hammerstrikes of doom . . . the writhing melodies of dank death . . . the rampaging riff-tanks . . . soloing that’s both flame-spitting and soulful . . . the hoarse howls of the incomparable Martin van Drunen . . . it’s all here, and it’s all so damned fine: Dutch death metal devastation comes your way next.



The new album’s name is The Antagonist’s Fire and it will be released on November 11 by W.T.C. Productions (the World Terror Committee). I’m going to be a complete dick and tell you that a couple of your NCS servants have already heard it. I can tell you that it’s fantastic.

I can also tell you that DECIBEL premiered the album’s first advance track today. In Chris D.’s words, “‘Madness Redeemer’ is a mature venture into the netherworlds of Swedish black. Melodic yet dripping with dirt, blood, and the Dark Lord’s malignant fingerprints.” Nicely put.

Get your first taste of one of the year’s best black metal offerings (and prepare to be savaged and ravaged):


  1. Hail of Bullets = a good old reliable. I know exactly what I’m getting before I even listen, and I know it will be awesome.

    • Exactly right. HoB isn’t going to surprise anyone, but they’re so dependably good at this style of music that it’s exciting to know new songs are on the way.

  2. Madness Redeemer is an awesome song, if the rest of the album is half as good i’ll be happy

  3. You, sir, have made my day, Both bands are fantastic and I’m looking forward to these new albums – neither of which I had any clue were forthcoming until reading about them here.

  4. the new Valkyrja sounds good! Hoping this album will make me forget everythin about the new Watain album!

    • 🙂 The new Watain does seem to be provoking very mixed reactions.

      • I have only listend to it a few times, with crappy youtube sound, but I do like alot of the songs. It is different, and not what i expected, but definately good.

        I do understand a band needs to evolve, but Madness Redeemer sounds much more like Watain, than the new Watain album. Definitely going to give both Watain and Valkyrja several spins though.

        Maybe it was time for Watain to undergo some bigger changes, when I have come to expect them to sound a certain way..

  5. I was already quite familiar with Hail of Bullets, but I’ve never heard of Valkyrja before.. And I gotta say it sounds awesome; this really made my day. Please give a review of this bad boy once it comes out NCS so I won’t accidentily forget about it before it comes out 😉

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