Sep 262013

I know that I’ve already posted one round-up today, but I found more things I wanted to share. So, here goes:


I have an extremely powerful attraction to Ghost’s music, even though I listen to almost nothing else that comes within ICBM range of it. So, I was drawn like a fly to honey when I saw that a new Ghost video had premiered yesterday at Rolling Stone. It’s a professionally filmed clip of the band performing the infernal carnival of “Secular Haze” at a sold-out Webster Hall in New York. It reminds me of how damned much I’ve enjoyed the multiple live Ghost performances I’ve seen.

So, of course, I’m embedding the video here. Watch it next.



Today Southern California’s Impending Doom delivered news and a video trailer about their next album, Death Will Reign. It’s now scheduled for release on November 5, 2013 via eOne Music, and the album art is now available for perusal.

I mention this news because I’ve had a long-standing weakness for this band, despite the fact that their name tends to draw eye rolls in the company I usually keep, due to their deathcore roots and their on-stage (and off-stage) proselytizing. I’ve enjoyed particular songs from every one of their albums, but even more than that I’ve had my ass consistently kicked at every live show I’ve attended (three of them at last count). So, yes, I’m looking forward to hearing the new one — especially because of this quote I read in the press release we received:

““We wanted this album to sound very natural and unpolished,” explains longtime bassist David Sittig, a part of the lineup since before the first album’s release. “There’s no crazy digital stuff. There are no fake drums. We wanted it to have the feel of our first album with the songwriting from the last one. We’ve gotten better at song structures and so forth over the years, but we wanted to recapture that old-school vibe, too.”

Check out the trailer for the new album below.



I’ve been following this Finnish band for quite some time, reviewing both of their EPs and including songs from each of them in our list of the year’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs for both 2011 and 2012. Now, finally, a debut album is coming. Yesterday brought the announcement that its title will be Volatile Waters and its release date will be January 10, 2014. Wow, that’s a long way off.

We also got to see the album cover, which is cool, and we got a medley of music from the album. Some of it sounds familiar, some of it new, and all of it really good. Listen below.




I found out about this last band from my NCS comrade DGR. Its membership consists of Jonny Pettersson from SYN:DROM, Christian Netzell of IN MOURNING and VOLTURYON, Rickard Persson from SOREPTION, and Fredrik Ringstrom. With a line-up like that, they are automatically going to be worth hearing — and today we’ve gotten our first taste of what they’ve done.

They’ve apparently finished recording their debut album, which will be released by ViciSolum Records, and in the following YouTube clip you can hear a rough-mix medley of excerpts from the album. I didn’t know what the music would sound like, but I hear elements of black metal, melodic death metal, doom, and even a bit of folk — and it’s an awfully appealing combination. Have a listen:



  1. the new Impending Doom does sound pretty damn cool, i might have to check this one out

  2. “Magenta Harvest” is a new name to me. I’ve checked their previous demos and I admit that their music is awesome so I’ll wait for the the debut that seems is gonna be great!

  3. I have been following Vholdghast for a while and every little teaser they have put out, sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to hear a finished song.

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