Oct 012013

In February we had the privilege of premiering a full stream of Furor Incarnatus by Feared. Now the group are already storming back with a new album set for release on November 25 — Vinter — and today Revolver magazine premiered a lyric video for one of the new songs: “Erased”

Feared originated as the project of guitar wizard Ola Englund (The Haunted, Six Feet Under) and he’s now joined on Vinter by Demonoid vocalist Mario Ramos, bassist Jocke Skog (ex-Clawfinger), and drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (Battlecross). Revolver quotes Ola Englund as follows:

“After Furor Incarnatus, I quickly felt the need to show our fans that we are not resting, even though we are all working with our other bands. I’ve always felt that Feared is an ongoing experiment and with Vinter I feel like we’ve found our home. It’s a dark and beautiful album, and I think we’ve all matured a lot from making it.”

There is indeed a dark keyboard melody that comes and goes in “Erased”, but what will grab your attention first is a downright convulsing groove; you’ll want to loosen up your neck muscles before listening. Working with elements of hardcore, melodic death metal, and (yes, again) groove, Feared have delivered an attractive teaser for this new album.

Vinter is available for preorder at the band’s webstore and on iTunes. You can also find Feared on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s “Erased”:


  6 Responses to “FEARED: “ERASED””

  1. sounds badass! Furor Incarnatus was a great album, i can’t wait for Vinter!

  2. The lyric video was in English. Is the whole album going to be? Is the title English? This band sounds awesome.

    • I listed to samples from their furor incarnates album. There’s some clean singing in there. Hmm

    • All the lyrics on the band’s first album were in English. The track list for the new one suggests the lyrics will be in English on this one too:

      1. Sun Awake
      2. Huldra
      3. Your God
      4. Erased
      5. Mass Destruction
      6. Needle Effect
      7. Invidia
      8. Mylingen
      9. Hate is Everything
      10. My Shadow World
      11. Vinter

  3. My bowels were evacuated by that first riff. Subsequent riffs have deprived of my intestines, and other digestive organs. Still worth it, though.

  4. That’s a beautiful album cover, really evocative. But from the look and the albumtitle I thought this was gonna be black metal. That opening riff was great, I’m not sure Marios vocals fit that good though, he seems more at home in Hate ammo and it’s more Hardcore-tinged style.

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