Oct 072013

It goes without saying that you have good taste in metal, because you are visiting NCS. And because you have good taste in metal, you really need to read this.

Elemental Nightmares is a project dedicated to producing for discriminating consumers a series of 13 splits on 7″ vinyl (with accompanying digital downloads and with an option to buy only a digital download) featuring 26 up-and-coming bands from around the world. If you’ve been visiting us for very long, you will recognize many of the names who have contributed new songs to these splits — and we’ll list them for you at the end of this post.

The important news today is that Elemental Nightmares has decided to break apart 50 of the vinyl sets and offer single vinyl splits for sale beginning now.  In other words, there will be 50 copies of each split offered on an individual basis, without having to subscribe to the entire series. I still think signing up for the entire series is a wise move (I’ve done it myself), given the quality of the bands, but I understand that’s a significant investment, and I think this decision is a good one.

It gives the individual bands a chance to have their music heard without staking that chance on the success of the project as a whole, and I assume that individual pre-sales will also help the project meet the financial goals it needs in order to manufacture and distribute the series. Those are both good things.

For more info about the bands, about how to support the series, and about how to buy the individual splits — which I suspect will sell quickly — go here:


And to keep track of developments, you can follow Elemental Nightmares on Facebook via this link.

Now have a look at the bands who have contributed music to this series. They’re listed in the pairs in which they will appear on the splits. If you haven’t seen the list before, maybe you’ll understand why we’re so excited about this.

Oak Pantheon & Wildernessking

Parasitized & Hyperial

Terzij De Horde & Waning

Eternal Helcaraxe & Mondvolland

Ashencult & VUYVR

Porta Nigra & Membaris

KESS’KHTAK (KSK) & Liber Necris

Satyros & Dead River Runs Dry

Harasai & Canopy


Septekh & Eventide

Obitus & Kall

Will of the Ancients & STORTREGN


  1. I’m surprised they’re not releasing a 2-CD digipack format or something, too. This Elemental Nightmares thing kind of reminds me of the “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” compilation that Pest Productions released a few years back, which was *amazing*.

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