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Most metalheads I know are good-hearted people (maybe because I steer clear of the assholes). Most metalheads I know also live from paycheck to paycheck — if they’ve got a paycheck. So when someone asks metalheads to spend money on a charitable cause, there needs to be an extra incentive; worthy causes are almost endless, but disposable income is in short supply. Offering something tangible that people are going to be tempted to buy anyway — and then donating all the proceeds to a good cause — that’s the kind of idea that should succeed. And that’s what Norway’s Extol and their record label have just done.

I assume you know who Extol are — but if not, they’re a progressive death metal band who’ve made one of this year’s standout albums (self-titled, and glorified in this NCS review). What they and their label Facedown Records have done is to make a special shirt available for sale, with all profits donated to New Life Mission Aid for use in helping homeless children in Kenya. As the band’s Peter Espevoll explains in a video for this project, New Life Mission Aid is a Norwegian charitable organization dedicated to providing food, shelter, and education to homeless kids in Kenya.

The shirt, as you can see, is badass. The design was created by Dave Quiggle. It’s dedicated to the new album’s opening song “Betrayal”, which in itself was inspired by the plight of those homeless children.

And to further support this effort, Extol have just released a new lyric video for “Betrayal”, which you can see and hear below, along with Peter Espevoll’s charitable pitch.

Some of you will be turned off by the religious impulse that inspired what Extol are doing, and may feel that putting your money toward this particular effort would be an endorsement of an idea you don’t believe in. I won’t push back too hard on that point. You either like the shirt (and the band’s music) enough to own it, or you don’t. And if it makes the decision any easier, the way I see it is this: The only idea anyone needs to embrace here is that helping ease the pain of these orphaned children is a worthy goal.

To order the shirt, go HERE.





  1. great song and a great cause, i ordered mine

  2. The lyrics seem clear now, if it weren’t for the cause it could have just passed on as your average metal diatribe. And on another note i am happy that bands do channel their hate and anger to just causes like these. I’ve always felt that if there is any form of music that can absolutely contribute to the community in small ways such as these, it is metal. But most bands don’t take that step further, i guess it’s probably because they can’t make ends meet in the first place. Yet i am extremely thankful, that it is the most socially aware form of music, or at least to me. It has inspired me to delve into sociology, organize medical camps locally at rural areas near college(back when i was in college that is) and finally getting me set for a future in this particular sector. It always ends up steeling my resolve. Hey well that is what it is to me.

    • Very cool comment. I don’t know if metal can claim to be more socially aware than other forms of music — they is certainly a high volume of metal lyrics that are just plain ridiculous or worse. But I agree that it’s true of a lot of metal and hardcore bands, who are inspired by ideas that go beyond the usual superficial dreck you find in most pop music.

      • Exactly, then again i wasn’t referring to senseless Cannibal Corpse or any gore variant. For instance most of good post metal as well. I usually end up listening to the usually lyrically proficient lot.

  3. This is really inspiring to see. Thanks for sharing! I’ve always loved Extol.

  4. they are christians you fucking idiots

    gg donating to christianizing africa and teaching the kids there that contraception is evil

    • You are an idiot if you think we never knew that 😛 . But that aside, not all christian missionaries are that bad as people make them out to be and they are more progressive than what people might think. And yes Africa’s lower education and poverty levels open up opportunities for exploitation and eventual conversion. Then so be it, if that is what it takes to help them. Successful generations will be educated nonetheless and get them developed for one. The ulterior motives are present, but then it has always been a give and take policy.

    • Here is a link about the people involved in this aid program to Kenya, and there is more info in links on this page. I haven’t seen anything which suggests this organization’s mission is about “christianizing africa” or trying to indoctrinate against contraception.


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