Oct 222013

We are way past the end of our usual posting day, but I just heard something that made me too anxious to wait until tomorrow morning. It’s a new lyric video for a new song by Pestilence named “Necro Morph”, the first music to be heard from the band’s next album Obsideo. I have a few immediate reactions.

First, it sounds HUGE. Second, it’s absolutely decimating — a high-speed flurry of pneumatic riffs and weaponized percussion, with a punishing, stomping mid-section and writhing, alien lead guitar machinations. Third, Patrick Mameli’s vocals sound filthy (in a good way). And fourth, all those Pestilence fans who were hugely disappointed by Doctrine (and I wasn’t one of them) will breathe sighs of relief. This is brutal.

Listen to it next, and feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments. If you happen to have any Kevlar body armor lying around, you might want to strap it on before listening to “Necro Morph”. Actually, never mind. That won’t be enough to stop what this fires at you.


  1. this is seriously badass, thanks for staying up late and sharing!

  2. Interesting track, we want more!

  3. Mameli claims this album will be the “NEW STANDARD BEARER”. Of what, I not sure. The vocals are still pretty lousy and the drum pattern that starts at 1:14 is putrid. Seems like a fairly straight forward song. I’ve heard worse, but Doctrine sounded better (so far at least)

  4. I am surprised, I really like this. I was hoping for a return to or at least a reprise of some of the more jazzier elements of Spheres… and I got it. Really enjoyed the short solo excursions marking the end of certain passages.

  5. It sounds good loud! Good, but not sure I like it as much as doctrine.

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