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 (Long-time NCS supporter and guest writer SurgicalBrute brings us this collection of metal to enhance your Halloween experience. The bands are Ctulu (Germany), Malichor (Australia), Orloff (US), Attic (Germany), and Demon Lung (US).)

Its been far too long since I’ve written an actual guest post for No Clean Singing. Part of that has to do with a combination of work, friends, and my own personal laziness, but the bigger reason has been I just haven’t felt like the site has really needed any input on band recommendations… and that’s awesome. It really says a lot about how great this site is, with its ability to cover such a wide variety of metal styles, that even a self-proclaimed curmudgeon like myself is satisified.

So what’s got me writing a post today? Well hell, that’s easy… it’s October and my favorite holliday is just a few weeks away. I love Halloween. Whether it’s the gothic imagery, the cheesy horror movies, or the child-like glee of picking a pumpkin, I cannot get enough of this time of year and everything that goes with it. Now, when it comes to Halloween the music is always important, and for metalheads there’s plenty to choose from…bands like King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Deceased, and Electric Wizard probably all spring to mind. But for those of you looking to add a few more albums to your Halloween rotation, give these bands a try.



The name alone should be more than enough reason to add this band to any Halloween playlist, but the music created by these Germanic black metallers definitely doesn’t disappoint. Using the stories of Lovecraft as a lyrical inspiration, Ctulu takes a very melodic approach to their black metal, going so far as to even weave some gothic metal elements into their songs. Fans of bands like Dissection and Sacrumentum will find a lot to enjoy here, and while the music may not be wholly original it has outstanding atmosphere and top-notch musicianship.

Website: http://www.ctulu.de/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ctulumetal



While they may share similar lyrical themes with the previously mentioned Ctulu, the Australian blackened thrashers in Malichor take a far more aggressive approach to their music. While the less than refined production combined with the raw vocals are unlikely to bring the sunken city of R’lyeh to mind, the blistering pace and  face-melting riffs will make even mighty Cthulhu bang his tentacled head.

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/malichor

Bandcamp: http://malichor.bandcamp.com/



As a label, Razorback Records specializes in horror metal, and I can’t think of a better place for a band like Orloff to release their first full-length. With a name inspired by Count Orlok, the nightmarish vampire of F. W. Murnau’s classic Nosferatu, these Louisiana death metalers have created a crushing style of down-and-dirty death metal encased in an atmosphere of gothic horror. With their mid-paced beats and driving riffs, Orloff is not only a love letter to Halloween but to all things horror related.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orloff666

Bandcamp: http://orloff.bandcamp.com/




Of all the bands currently kneeling at the feet of King Diamond, Germany’s Attic probably come closest to grabbing the brass ring. There’s no denying co-guitarists Katte and Rob are truly impressive, laying down varied and absorbing melodies with an old-school edge, but truthfully, where this band really shines is with vocalist Meister Cagliostro. While no one will ever be able to touch the vocal range and ability of the one true King, Cagliostro bounces between a demonic mid-level to a near operatic falsetto with impressive skill. Now some people will inevitably have a hard time seperating this band from their influences, but for the rest of us Attic scratches an itch left unattended for far too long.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atticfuneral



One look at the cover of Demon Lung’s 2013 full-length release The Hundredth Name should tell you you’re in for a dark and gloomy ride. A concept album that follows the son of Satan as he assembles the devils bible in order to unmake the world, this is music tailor-made for the Halloween season. Shanda Fredricks’ vocals are morbid and wailing, guitarist Phil Burns’ riffs are a chugging crawl, and they work together to create an enormous sound full of epic occult doom. Demon Lung have created a fantastic debut, and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing this album show up on plenty “best of” lists this year.

Bandcamp: http://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/the-hundredth-name

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demonlungband?sk=wall

Homepage: http://demonlungband.com/


  1. My band was going to open for Demon Lung in Salt Lake City, but apparently there were some van issues (been there before!) and they were unable to make it! I was bummed, but hopefully it will work out next time. They totally rock! I’m glad they’re getting some well-deserved recognition in the underground!

    • Sorry to hear that man…definitely hope it works out for you guys next time.

      A buddy of mine lives out that way as well and caught Demon Lung at Doom in June this year…said they killed their live show. I think theyre going to get big…the timing is perfect and theyve definitely got the talent to back it up

      • Who is your friend? I might know him/her, the scene is pretty small around here! A few friends made the trip to Vegas for that, as well as my brother! We have family in LV, it would have been easy and cheap for me to make the trip, but I honestly can’t remember why I was unable to do so…

        • His name is Jayke…he actually plays guitar for the band Nevertanezra

          • Hahaha I’m his brother, I used to play bass in Nevertanezra. Cool man, my name is Kyle and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

            • OK, guys, this was a level of small-world happenstance that verges on the extremely weird. But it also gives me a warm feeling,

              • Haha imagine my surprise! And btw Surgical Brute, I totally understand if you want to remain anonymous on this website so feel free to email me at kylesmiff(at)yahoo(dot)com. Cheers!

                • No shit?…Thats too fucking funny man!…Nice to meet you as well!

                  Im Rob by the way, though Jayke knows me better as Surge. Im one of the guys from the the Order of the Luciferian/Metal Valhalla message board that he hangs out on

  2. Thanks for the tip on Attic. I may have to check that out. I would also like to point out that Portrait sound a hell of a lot like the Fate.

    A few Halloweens ago, I had a stereo playing Sunn O)))’s Black One on repeat hidden near my front door. That’s a little too scary to really capture the spirit of Halloween.

    Macabre and Type O Negative seem like the best fit, from different angles. Probably don’t want those playing for the trick-or-treaters to catch the lyrics.

    • You are way too accommodating to trick-or-treaters. I like the idea of scaring all the greedy little bastards over toward someone else’s door. Im not talking about your children, of course.

    • No problem…

      …Portrait is great as well, like you said another band very reminiscent of Kings work with Fate. Id also recommend Trial (Swe) as well…it was kind of a coin-flip between choosing them or Attic when I wrote this list

  3. awesome post! Halloween is also my favorite holiday, and i’ve always been drawn to bands that capture that essence. these are some great recommendations, especially Ctulu and Orloff!

  4. Halloween is also my favorite holiday (mostly because it’s the day after my birthday, so the joy of both kind of blend together), though it isn’t this year because the coming of Halloween means that I gotta get my shit together to get in some of my early action college apps.

    All that aside, I’m diggin Ctulu (is there anywhere I can get their music without a euro sign in front of it?), and thanks for reminding me how great Demon Lung are.

    • Sadly no….Unfortunately the only way I know to get actual copies of Ctulu’s albums right now is to import them. Dosnt look like any of the distros in the U.S. are currently carrying their stuff

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