Sep 042021


Can’t you read plain English? It says “Labor Day”. It doesn’t say “Holi-Day”. So I’m just following the prescribed agenda, and laboring.

Because I unexpectedly agreed to write a whopping four premieres yesterday, I had no time to begin rounding up a selection of songs and videos that surfaced this past week. Leaving that until today has resulted in another massive collection, again featuring too many bands to name in the post title.

As it happens, the majority of the new music you’ll find below is accompanied by videos. It also happens that almost all of the new songs are high-speed devastators. This isn’t entirely by accident, because many of them were recommended in our NCS group by DGR, who tends to prefer musical riots over other forms of audio entertainment. And once I’d gotten into that kind of groove, I tended to stick with it in choosing from among other possibilities I checked out.


We’ll start with a new lyric video for a frantic new song by Archspire, in which vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron goes faster than a cattle auctioneer and the rest of the band spits a variety of bullets even faster — but then abruptly the song gets dreamy. Continue reading »

Oct 222013

 (Long-time NCS supporter and guest writer SurgicalBrute brings us this collection of metal to enhance your Halloween experience. The bands are Ctulu (Germany), Malichor (Australia), Orloff (US), Attic (Germany), and Demon Lung (US).)

Its been far too long since I’ve written an actual guest post for No Clean Singing. Part of that has to do with a combination of work, friends, and my own personal laziness, but the bigger reason has been I just haven’t felt like the site has really needed any input on band recommendations… and that’s awesome. It really says a lot about how great this site is, with its ability to cover such a wide variety of metal styles, that even a self-proclaimed curmudgeon like myself is satisified.

So what’s got me writing a post today? Well hell, that’s easy… it’s October and my favorite holliday is just a few weeks away. I love Halloween. Whether it’s the gothic imagery, the cheesy horror movies, or the child-like glee of picking a pumpkin, I cannot get enough of this time of year and everything that goes with it. Now, when it comes to Halloween the music is always important, and for metalheads there’s plenty to choose from…bands like King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Deceased, and Electric Wizard probably all spring to mind. But for those of you looking to add a few more albums to your Halloween rotation, give these bands a try. Continue reading »