Apr 022017


I didn’t damage myself too badly last night, only moderately, and so I was able to prepare this selection of music that I thought was worth recommending. I’m beginning with songs from forthcoming albums by four bands and concluding with two recent EPs.

Much of the music in this collection isn’t strictly black metal, but has enough kinship to the genre that I can justify including it. Hope you find some things to like.


In another one of these SHADES OF BLACK posts last month I reported that Prosthetic Records would be releasing the debut album Strike Mortal Soil by Vancouver, BC’s Wormwitch on May 12. At that point I didn’t have any music to share with you, but now I do. Continue reading »

Mar 202017


I don’t suppose there’s any need to blacken a Monday, since they’re usually bruised to begin with, but I didn’t have time to finish Part 2 of this post yesterday and so here we are.

Like yesterday’s Part 1, I’m beginning this one with an announcement, ending it with a video, and slotting in a full release (actually, two) along with some advance tracks. As always, everything here is recommended.


Prosthetic Records recently announced that they would be releasing the debut album Strike Mortal Soil by Vancouver, BC’s Wormwitch on May 12. Almost exactly one year ago we premiered a video for a single the band released called “Coffin Birth”. Continue reading »

Mar 182016

Wormwitch-Coffin Birth


Wormwitch are a trio from Vancouver, BC, consisting of vocalist/bassist Robin Harris, guitarist Colby Hink, and drummer Max Vüst — all of them former members of a local hardcore band named Dead Hand who have taken a sharp turn into the realms of European-influenced black metal. Last year they released their first EP, The Long Defeat, and are now at work on a second one. But in the meantime they discharged a stand-alone single in January named “Coffin Birth“, and today we bring you the premiere for an official video for the song.

Lyrically, “Coffin Birth” tells the tale of “nature taking charge and sacrificing and renewing itself, all in an effort to destroy the blight of man”. But the video isn’t one of those that sets the band’s performance in snow-dusted woods, where you wonder how they plugged in their amps. Instead, this video (which is really well-filmed and edited) attempts to confine this explosion of sound in a cramped practice room — and you really feel the band’s energy when watching it. Continue reading »