Sep 132021


A month ago we came across the title track to a debut record named Crude Implements by the Virginia “black ‘n’ roll” band Plaguefever, and we wasted no time blaring words about it, describing it as “a song that begins as a lurching, moaning death metal monstrosity and segues into a diabolical carnival of sinister swirling fretwork, scalding blackened howls, and skull-busting stomps. A fantastic debut by these Virginians….”

Having had our attention seized by that first excerpt from the album, we were thrilled by the chance to present a second track in advance of its digital release on October 14th and its limited vinyl release on October 29th via Elvte Kvlt Recvrds. This new song, “Cage Of Gods“, is more than twice as long as the title track. If “Crude Implements” was the band swiftly seizing you by the neck with primeval talons, “Cage of Gods” is the raptor spreading its wings and carrying you away to your demise. Continue reading »

Aug 062021


Over the last few days my NCS comrades (well, mainly DGR) have been shoveling links at me for new songs and videos, in anticipation that I would put together a round-up by today — which is a Bandcamp Friday. Most of those links were for music by bigger-name bands. The thought was that I could also add more obscure names, and that the allure of the bigger names might help introduce the lesser-knowns to more fans.

The problem is that the pile of links has grown to gargantuan proportions, which has made it tougher for me to insert as many other discoveries as I might want and still write up some thoughts about everything. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow. Here’s the A-to-Z deluge I have for today, in alphabetical order.


Prepare for relentless high-speed bludgeoning and crazed fretwork mania as a big rabid mastiff barks in your face at equally high speed. Exhilarating! Continue reading »