Dec 172013

(We invited Jacobo Córdova, whose latest album under the name of Majestic Downfall – “Three” — is a doom/death highlight of 2013 and who is also a member of the mighty Zombiefication — to tell us about his favorite releases of 2013, and here’s what he had to say.)

After being offered to do a top 2013 list for, I decided to take the challenge since I am fond of this kind of nonsense. The criteria for my list has to do with releases that I truly invested time and dedication throughout the year and that I know well from the inside out. I get angry when people like/hate one release upon listening to it once and making an opinion. That is bullshit.

Ok, now to the list. The top 10 releases come with some words, and in the end you will find another list of great runner-ups.

Just one thing: These may not be the best releases of the year, they are just based on my opinion and experience. I may have missed a lot, but worry not, I will catch up eventually. And just for the Records, Watain’s The Wild Hunt is the record I heard the most this year, I wish it had not been that way. The only Soulless release I like is the Grave one!


1) ProcessionTo Reap Heavens Apart

I don´t really understand the meaning of words when you can experience something like this.


2) ObliterationBlack Death Horizon

Just like Tribulation, Necrovation, and more coming -ation´s I guess, these Norwegians are taking extreme metal to new heights.


3) In SolitudeSister

They not only follow the left hand path, they are able to take you there.


4) Chaos InvocationBlack Mirror Hours

Jon would be proud of these Dissection worshippers and now even more so after Watain has left the flame somewhere else. True ritualistic Black Metal.


5) Ghost BCInfestissumam

Yes, Ghost, any problem?



6) Darkthrone  – The Underground Resistance

Death Metal, Black Metal, Punk, Speed Metal. Who gives a fuck if the band is called Darkthrone!!!!!!


7) PestThe Crowning Horror

With this album, Judas Priest never sounded so Black Metal!!!!!


8) Inquisition –  Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

The biggest name of true Black Metal if you ask me. Catchy as fuck chaos!


9) Atlantean KodexThe White Goddess

Heavy and Doom Metal are making big ass comebacks. And this is as good as it gets.


10) TribulationThe Formulas Of Death

It´s great to see young generations pushing the boundaries of Metal. I have seen this release in everyone’s top lists of the year, I guess that is a true parameter of the stench inside!

11) Officium TristeMors Viri

11) BölzerAura

11) Twilight Of The GodsFire On The Mountain

11) HellCurse And Chapter

11) SatanLife Sentence

11) Sonic ReignMonument In Black

11) SacriphyxThe Western Front

11) AcerusThe Unreachable Salvation

11) Mourning BelovethFormless

11) Grave MiasmaOdori Sepulcrorum




  1. Writer of a great list, a member of great bands, and a possessor of great facial hair. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Not a single album here Id object to…solid list, top to bottom

  3. Yeah I got a problem with hipster pseudo metal in dopey costumes!!!!!!

    P.S. – Tu madre

  4. Tribulation is fantastic, and I had a hard time leaving Darkthrone off my list.

  5. love Black Mirror Hours and Black Death Horizon, both excellent albums!

  6. Finally i see Procession’s “To Reap Heavens Apart” mentioned

  7. Really nice to see Acerus on here. I think a lot of people definitely missed that one.

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