Dec 292013

 (Our friend, fellow blogger, and regular commenter deckard cain has delivered a two-part year-ender for our LISTMANIA series, and here’s Part 1. Or rather, Scroll I.)

A stooping back, coughed-up blood, feet that grate, and yet death eludes me. A great evil works beneath the surface, ceaselessly, to guarantee me life, sustaining it. I reckon it is that good-for-nothing, hellhole-dweller, Diablo, once again. While the rest of humanity holds vitality dear to their hearts, I deny it with vehemence unparalleled. I seek the eternal silence so I may finally be rid of my physical burdens. But for now, senility is a curse, while immortality, thrust upon me, remains a bane of unfathomable proportions.

What eases my pain in these howling doldrums is companionship. I thank Lord Islander and his kin for offering this opportunity to spell out the contents of these scrolls. The great and exotic findings within will hopefully make for a sumptuous feast of music. I shall now reveal scroll I, once hidden away in a SATCHEL deep within Tristam’s boondocks.

Feel free to judge my character, and maybe piss on it…But in the end I humbly request you to…

“Stay awhile and listen”

NOTE TO READERS: I have left out the more obvious ones for the sake of circumventing repetition. This is also an effort to mention bands that are going to be less likely featured on lists than others.


1. KryptsUnending Degradation

Krypts’ Unending Degradation is death/doom in the vein of Autopsy. In a time when it couldn’t have been harder to differentiate between thousands of death/doom clones, Krypts’ brand of murky death metal stands tall and sturdy.



2. SupurationCu3e

Supuration mixes elements of Voivod, OSDM, and possibly a strong Peaceville Trio, to craft a great album once again. These guys started out as early as 1990 and their sound is something that one might call their own. Readily accessible, melodic, and borderline OSDM heavy, this is in my eyes one of the best albums all year.



3. SvartDet Personliga Helvetets Spiral

Svart is a one man side project of Shining (SWE)’s bass player Christian Larsson a.k.a Draug. The music sits somewhere between Inquisition’s and (0bviously) Shining’s brand of black metal, with both styles trading off one another. An interesting juxtaposition that makes for a great listen in the end.



4. Oceans of SlumberAetherial

This one just came out of the blue. A mishmash of Hacride, The Ocean, and Mastodon. This calls for tons of melodious hooks, vocal harmonies, stomping grooves, and all proggy sections.

P.S. The drumming of Insect Warfare’s Dobber Beverly drumming is nothing short of insane.



5. CrownPsychurgy

This French duo performs an atmosphere-heavy, mechanical post- sludge that serves to crush the listener single-handedly. An ample amount of industrial experimentation is on display here as well, which makes it all the more interesting.



6. MothEndlessly in Motion

Gojira, Textures, and Hacride all coalesce into one single entity, or so it seems. Grooves that will take turns jabbing at your face, and they will probably succeed as well.



7. Abnormal Thought PatternsManipulation Under Anesthesia

Instrumental metal that wanks, but wanks it right. You also have the right amount of melody put in for good measure, making it all the catchier.



8. KatalepsyAutopsychosis

Is it only me, or was 2013 a banner year for Brutal Death Metal? On Autopsychosis, technicality and heaviness are squashed down into a more palpable form. Together with some of the finest grooves laid down in the genre, the album brings an insane amount of memorability to the table.



9. Cnoc An TursaThe Giants Of Auld

War and chivalry in the Great Glens. Drawing inspiration from Scottish history and its breathtaking verdure, Cnoc An Tursa unleash their own brand of folk-laced black metal.



10. Seven Sisters of SleepOpium Morals

One of the beefiest sludge tones that I have ever set ears upon. Eyehategod references aside, the added doomy vibe makes it all the more satiating. Check out the song “White Braid” in particular.


To be continued….


  1. Seven Sisters of Sleep and Cnoc An Tursa are killer. I had the opportunity to listen to the latter in Scotland while visiting family in Ireland over the summer, and I must say it enhances the experience.

  2. It’s not just you, 2013 was a great year for brutal death metal. I’m going to have to spend some more time with that Katalepsy album, it’s sounding pretty good so far.

  3. So many props for including Abnormal Thought Patterns.

  4. Cnoc An Tursa make me want to put on war paint and take up my trusty claymore.

  5. love the Krypts album, it’s excellent!

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