Dec 292013

Here’s a status update that appeared on the Facebook page of Finland’s Insomnium today (emphasis added):

We’ve now recorded rhythm guitars for 5 songs. In addition to Marshall+EVH combo we’re also using Mesa Single Rectifier and my seven stringed Mayones to add some more depth and fatness to the sound. The new material is definitely more varied than before. For example, we’re flirting a bit with death/black metal vibe with some of the songs. Nevertheless, everything sounds very much like Insomnium and I guess that’s mainly due to our “trademark” melodies. We’re splitting rhythm parts pretty much equally with Markus and also try out different guitar arrangements as we go. All in all, the mood is very relaxed and we’re making good progress without too much pressure and stress.


Aw hell yes.  

And here are a few posts that have appeared over the last week on the Facebook page of Agalloch’s John Haughm (pictured above wearing a very nice shirt). The last of these appeared early this morning (and is perhaps the most interesting of all):

“Today in the studio, the words “this is starting to sound like a mixture of Landberk, Anekdoten, …and Bethlehem” were uttered…”

“After hitting it hard for the past few days, guitar tracking is finally done. Really happy with tones thus far. My primary weapons of choice on this record – Travis Bean 1000S, Hagstrom Viking semi-hollowbody, a vintage echoplex, various boutique pedals, and a variety of custom Hovercraft amplifiers designed and built by a local tube amp genius…”

“Another 17 year old tradition….before tracking vocals, I listen to this record to get fired up. Today was the first of 2-3 days of this ritual. This is probably my favorite Finnish death/black metal album. Period. For being 20 years old, it hasn’t aged at all and…those vocals….chills every time. My copy was autographed by Taneli and Vesa when I met them earlier this year. Though extremely rare, I too have fanboy moments…”

That last post was accompanied by this full-album stream — North From Here (1993) by Finland’s Sentenced. Very interesting, and very cool.


2014 is nearly upon us, and it promises to bring another flood-tide of excellent new metal. The forthcoming albums by Insomnium and Agalloch are certainly among those I’m most eager to hear. Which ones are you most stoked about?  Let us know in the comments, and if you have any thoughts about anything else in this post, sound off.

And now here’s a little playlist suitable to the subjects of this post.

  12 Responses to “INSOMNIUM AND AGALLOCH: NEW-ALBUM UPDATES (and a playlist)”

  1. Kind of off the subject (but not totally, 2013 metal and all)

    how are Altar of Plagues going to wrap it up after Teethed Glory & Injury? This album is frickin’ fantastic. It’s too bad is all I’m saying.

  2. I’m looking forward to the new Control Denied. Here’s to hoping it actually gets released.

    Crimson Moonlight is working on an album that ought to be released in 2014 as well. I hope!

  3. I’m waiting for new Archspire.

  4. i’m not sure what i’m looking forward to the most in 2014. there’s some albums i’m really curious to hear, like the new Slayer, considering the lineup changes in that particular band.

  5. The new stuff I’m looking forward to (so far): Indian, Behemoth, and Alcest. (Yeah, I know, most reports at this point says Alcest is more shoegaze than metal at this point, but I don’t care. I loves me some Alcest.)

  6. I’m ready for the new Alcest, new Agalloch will be more than welcome to my ears. I’m curious about God of Athiests(new project from Asgeir Mickelson) and new Cynic as well. On a side note, any one know if Obscura are working on anything new?

  7. Tryptikon!

  8. Stam1na has a new one coming out next spring. Last two albums were on the scale of ok-good, but died out rather quick on me. So anticipation with a hint of fear of disappointment,

  9. The first three that come to mind are Behemoth, Exmortus, and that Stone Dagger 7″.

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