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Rogga Johansson is a one man army. He has been a fixture or a session musician in so many bands that it’s easier to just send you to the list at Metal Archives rather than try to name them all here (even though that list is probably incomplete). One of his more recent projects is named Megascavenger, and today we’re high as kites over the chance to premiere the title track from the new Megascavenger album, At the Plateaus of Leng.

Rogga Johansson is also a death metal riff machine. Riffs roll out of his mind and fingers like weapons from an assembly line — black, oiled, loaded, and ready to spew destruction. At the Plateaus of Leng is packed with them. Although Johansson is also one of death metal’s most distinctive (and horrifying) vocalists, he has lined up a ridiculous collective of guests to vomit hate on this new album. This is a “who’s who” list so eye-popping that we will provide it in full:

1. “At The Plateaus Of Leng” (Vocals by DAVE INGRAM of Bolt Thrower/Benediction)

2. “The Festered Earth” (Vocals by KAM LEE of Massacre)

3. “And Then The Death Sets In” (Vocals by AAD KLOOSTERWAARD of Sinister)

4. “The Mucus Man” (Vocals by MARTIN VAN DRUNEN of Asphyx/Hail of Bullets)

5. “Like Comets Burn The Ether “(Vocals by DAVE ROTTEN of Avulsed)

6. “When Death Kills The Silence” (Vocals by FELIX STASS of Crematory)

7. “The Hand Of Bereavment” (Vocals by ILKKA JARVENPÄÄ of National Napalm Syndicate)

8. “Back To The Ancient” (Vocals by BRYNJAR HELGETUN of Crypticus)

9. “Night Of The Grand Obscenity” (Vocals by ROGGA JOHANSSON)

What did we tell you?  Eye-popping, right?

The title track is a sonic battle tank of grim punishment that alternately races and lumbers. Both eviscerating and crushing, it’s a death metal powerhouse fueled not only by Johansson’s riff munitions but also by Dave Ingram’s ravening vocals, and it’s a fine teaser for an album that all self-respecting fans of death metal are going to need in their collection.

At the Plateaus of Leng will be released by Chaos Records on February 17, 2014. The cover art is by Turkka Rantanen, who has created artwork for such other luminaries as Demilich, Demigod, and Zealotry. Now, listen to “At the Plateaus of Leng”:



  1. Rogga is amazing, a true inspiration, can’t wait to grab this!!!!

  2. awesome song and that artwork is gorgeous!

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