Jan 082014

(Earlier this month TheMadIsraeli briefly raved about a Chicago band named Warforged after seeing their video for part of a new EP. Now he reviews the whole thing — still raving.)

Warforged will be the face of American neo-tech death.  Count on it.  If you have become a fan of the heavily blackened and post-y direction of bands like Fallujah, Warforged are an example of the absolute pinnacle of that stylistic hook.  Essence of the Land isn’t a mere EP, or a mere first glimpse, it’s a powerhouse mission statement.

The EP is a sixteen-minute suite of next-level proggy tech precision that looks to boggle the mind and shatter the bones.  This is a perfect song and an absolute haymaker of a way to introduce yourself to the metal audience.  So many things here are so right: The weird intersection between neo-classical and outright alien angular tendencies, the exceptional caliber of riffing and interplay between guitarists Paul Alculessi and Richard Stancato, the scathing vocal assault of Adrian Perez’s transitions from blood-vomit gutturals to blackened last-breath gnashes, it’s all so fucking good.

The twists and turns the band takes in these mere sixteen minutes are something, from the incorporation of strings to blackened melodic cascades, jugular slicing death metal fury, eerie doom, drone and noise hints, and the kind of stellar composition that takes you on a journey without even knowing the lyrics to the music.

You should check out this EP below, and then buy it, and then wait with us in hungering anticipation for a full-length of this stuff.  I’m too excited.






  1. I already heard this one before, and indeed it’s quality stuff!

  2. this sounds pretty cool, i might have to grab a copy

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